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Live updates: California (CIF) high school wrestling state championships team scores, results, top stories (2/24/2024)

Stay with SBLive for live updates from Day 3 of the 2024 CIF State Wrestling Championships

Welcome to live updates from the 2024 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Wrestling Championships from Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield.

This is the 51st event for the boys and 13th for the girls that determines the very best individuals and teams in the Golden State. This is the fifth year the boys and girls tournaments have run at the same time.

Buoyed by seven wrestlers make the finals — three who emerged victorious — Poway's boys broke state-meet scoring record with 290.5 points to edgue Buchanan (255). 

Five boys became two-time state champions: Ronnie Ramirez (Walnut, 120), Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy, 138), Brock Mantanona (Palm Desert, 150), Robert Platt (Poway, 215) and Cody Merrill (Gilroy, 285). 

With 96 points, Walnut won its first girls championship, edging Newport Harbor (87). 

Anaya Falcon (Walnut, 105) became the seventh three-time state girls champion, while Issabella Marie Gonzales (Clovis East, 115), Duda Rodrigues (Newport Harbor, 155) and Leilani Lemus (Clovis, 170) won their second state titles. 

Below are championship and semifinal results, along with final team scores. 



285: Cody Merrill (Gilroy) d. Nicholas Sahakian (St. John Bosco)

Why not, finish with the seventh finals decided by a single point. Merrill, who will wrestle next year at Oklahoma State, wins his second straight title. 

215: Robert Platt (Poway) d. Coby Merrill (JW North), 2-1

If Posada didn't, now Platt surely assures the title for Poway. The sixth finals match decided by a point. 

190: Sonny Kling (Canyon Springs) d. Brokton Borelli (Los Banos), 11-2

The first major decision of the finals thus far, as national No. 12 takes down national No. 23. 

175: Angelo Posada (Poway) d. Mason Ontiveros (Pitman), 5-1

No big surprise here. Posada, at No. 16, is California's only top 25 grappler in the weight class. That may just sew up the title for Titans, who placed a remarkable seven in the finals. 

165: Collin Guffey (Granite Hills) d. Joseph Antionio (St. John Bosco), 3-0

Fourth final thus far for St. John Bosco (third loss). Another tight one, but nation's No. 5 edges nation's No. 6.

157: Grigor Cholakyan (St. John Bosco) d. Andrew Barbosa (Palm Desert), 3-2

These scores are amazingly close. Fifth match thus far decided by a point. 

150: Brock Mantanona (Palm Desert) d. Laird Root (Poway), 5-4

Arguably the meet's most competitive class, the nation's No. 1 150-pounder takes down No. 8. Root beat national No. 2 Miguel Estrada (Frontier) in the semifinals. 

144: Moses Mirabel (Gilroy) d. Joseph Toscano (Buchanan), 2-1

Another wildly close match and national No. 24 pulls off slight upset over national No. 8.

138: Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy) d. Paul Kelly (Poway), 6-2

No shame in losing to the nation's No. 1 wrestler in the 138-pound category.  

132: G. Elias Navida (Poway) d. Jesse Grajeda (St. John Bosco), 6-4

Another nail-biter, but Navida gives Poway more key points toward a team championship. 

126: Nikade Zinkin (Clovis) d. Jeff Lopez (Clovis West), 3-0

A pair of Central Section standouts pulled out the win. Lopez had upset national No. 3 Isaiah Cortez (Gilroy) in the semifinals. Zinkin should move up from his No. 11 national ranking. 

120: Ronnie Ramirez (Walnut) d. Nathan Carrillo (St. John Bosco), 4-1

The nation's No. 8 ranked 120-pounder, a junior, edged national No. 10 in another tight match

113: Rocklin Zinkin (Buchanan) d. Arseni Kikiniou (Poway), 2-1

Big win for Zinkin and Buchanan, which is chasing Poway for the team title  Zinkin, only a sophomore, entered ranked 12th nationally. 

106: Henry Aslikyan (Birmingham) d. Arseni Kikiniou (Poway), 6-3

Nation's 10th-ranked 106-pounder, only a sophomore, pulls out the first match of the finals. 

Every individual state male champion together for one fabulous shot.

Every individual state male champion together for one fabulous shot.


235: Gemma Templeman (Rocklin) d. Fernandea Canedo (Ridgeview), 2-1

190: Juliana Marquez (Gabrielino) p. Kathryn Hingano (Rio Linda), 3:47

170: Leilani Lemus (Clovis) d. Alexandria Perez (La Costa Canyon), 5-0

155: Duda Rodrigues (Newport Harbor) p. Angelinah De Leon (Santa Clara), 1:28

145: Delarie Juarez (Brawley) p. Samantha Arce (Mater Dei), 0:56

140: Faith Bartoszek (Northview) d. Olivia Davis (Monte Vista-SD), 9-5

135: Danica Kelley (Scotts Valley) p. Alex Maday (Whitney), 1:43

130: Yzabella Austin (Pitman) d. Tamara Grace (Gilroy), 7-0

125: Christina Osorio (Downey) p. Samantha Sachs (Glendora), 3:45

120: Alejandra Valdiviezo (Poway) p. Shayna Ward (Oakland Tech), 1:49

115: Isabella Marie Gonzales (Clovis East) d. Kylee Golz (Trabuco Hills), 6-1

110: Deandra Meza (Walnut) d. Kaiya Maggini (Del Oro), 5-0
105: Anaya Falcon (Walnut) MD Olivia Lopez (Hamilton), 8-0

100: Jillian Wells (Central Catholic) d. Lily Dizon (Pitman), 4-1

Twelve of the 14 girls state champions pose together following the grueling three-day tourney.

Twelve of the 14 girls state champions pose together following the grueling three-day tourney.



1. Poway 290.5

2. Buchanan 255

3. Gilroy 206 

4. St. John Bosco 186

5. Clovis 144

6. Bakersfield 125

7. Palm Desert 112.5

8. Granite Hills 100.5

9. Fountain Valley 71

10. Vacaville 66

11. Canyon Springs 60.5

12. Los Gatos 59.5

13. Walnut 58

14. Clovis West 54

15. Pitman 54

16. Chaminade 45.5

17. Oakdale 43,

18. Clovis North 42

19. Los Banos 39

20. Del Oro 38. 

Poway's team poses after setting a boys scoring record with 290.5

Poway's team poses after setting a boys scoring record with 290.5


1. Walnut 96

2. Newport Harbor 87

3. Poway 77

4. Gilroy 69

5. Pitman 65

6. Central Catholic 55.5

7.  Northview 52

8. Brawley 51.5

9. Clovis East 47

10. Santa Ana 42

11. Birmingham 41

11. Hillcrest 41

13. Monte Vista-NCS 40.5

14. Del Oro 40 

15. Grace Davis 37

16. Central 36

17. James Logan 35

18. Gabriellno 34 

19. Merced 33

20. Rocklin 32

20. Scotts Valley 32

The Walnut team posing while celebrating the program's first state title

The Walnut team posing while celebrating the program's first state title


  • Through the semifinal rounds of Saturday, the boys from Poway of the San Diego Section has opened a a 30-point edge on chief competitor Buchanan of the Central Section for the team title. Meanwhile, the Walnut girls have separated itself slightly for the rest of the pack in question for a state team crown.  
  • Poway's boys have 276.5 points compared to 246 for Buchanan, followed by Central Coast Section mainstay Gilroy (195) and Southern Section juggernaut St. John Bosco (185). Walnut girls (88) are up on Newport Harpor (75), Poway (71) and Gilroy (67). 
  • Former state champions Ronnie Ramirez (Walnut, 120), Isaiah Quintero (Eldorado, 120), Isaiah Cortez (Gilroy, 126), Elijah Cortez (Gilroy, 132), Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy, 138), Brock Mantanona (Palm Desert, 150), Miguel Estrada (Frontier, 150), Robert Platt (Poway, 215), Cody Merrill (Gilroy, 285) and Nicholas Sahakian (St. John Bosco, 285) all advanced to the semifinals.
  • In the semifinal round, remarkably there were only three pins among 28 boys matches and two of those were in the final group of heavyweights. That reveals just how competitive, closely-contested and evenly-matched is among the Golden State's elite. 
  • The first pin of the boys' semis wasn't recorded until the 175-pound class where Angelo Posada (Poway) took down Clovis' Joseph Buck in just 36 seconds. 
  • Previous state champions Merrill and Sahakian both recorded second-period pins in the heavyweight class. 

Check back throughout the day for updates.



Session 1
Girls Championships begin at 9 a.m.
Boys Championships begin at noon


Session 2
(boys and girls)
Consolation Round 1: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Quarterfinals: 1-4 p.m.
Consolation round 2: 1-4 p.m.
Consolation rounds 3: 4-6 p.m.


Session 3
(Boys and girls)
Consolation round 4: 9-10:30 a.m.
Consolation Round 5/championship semifinals: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Consolational semifinals: 12:30-1:30 p.m.
3rd/5th/7th places: 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Session 4
Championship finals: 6:15 p.m.

National top 25 high school wrestling rankings for every weight class (2/23/2024)



106: Areseni Kikiniou (Poway) d. Aiden Garcia (Palma), 11-5; Henry Aslikyan (Birmingham) d. Anthony Garza (Clovis), 4-2

113: Edwin Sierra Poway) d. Abram Cline (Granite Hills), 2-1; Rocklin Zinkin (Buchanan) d. Sean Wilcox (St. John Bosco), 7-2

120: Ronnie Ramirez (Walnut) d. Moses Mendoza (Gilroy), 2-1; Nathan Carrillo (SJB) d. Isaiah Quintero (El Dorado), 1-0

126: Jeff Lopez d. Isaiah Cortez (Gilroy), 5-1; Nikade Zinkin (Clovis) d. Billy Townson (Poway), 2-1

132: Elias Navida (Poway) d. Victor Alexander Gutierrez (Central Catholic, 3-1; Jesse Grajeda (St. John Bosco) d. Elijah Cortez (Gilroy), 3-2

138: Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy) d. Aiden Simmons (Bakersfield), 3-1; Paul Kelly (Poway) d. Gavin Bauder (Buchanan), 3-0

144: Joseph Toscano (Buchanan) d. Max De Bosque (Clovis North), 2-1; Moses Mirabel (Gilroy) d. Mario Carini (Poway), 8-4.

150: Brock Mantanoa (Palm Desert) d. Ethan Parco (Los Gatos), 4-3; Laird Root (Poway) d. Miguel Estrada (Frontier), 3-1

157: Andrew Barbosa (Palm Desert) d. Beau Priest (Bakersfield), 6-1; Grigor Cholakyan (St. John Bosco) d. Christopher Creason (El Diamante), 4-3

165: Collin Guffey (Granite Hills) MD David Alonso (Palm Desert), 8-0; Joseph Antonio (St. John Bosco) MD Evan Manzo (Etiwanda), 9-1

175: Angelo Posada (Poway) p. Joseph Buck (Clovis), 0:36; Mason Ontiveros (Pitman) d. Branson John (Buchanan), 10-5

190: Sonny King (Canyon Springs) d. Thomas Sandoval (Vacaville), 7-3; Brokton Borelli (Los Banos) d. Diego Costa (Palm Desert), 7-2

215: Coby Merrill (JW North) d. Ryland Whitworth (Fountain Valley), 4-3; Robert Platt (Poway) d. Michael Murillo (Bakersfield), 5-4. 

285: Cody Merrill (Gilroy) p. Adam Farha (Poway), 2:27; Nicholas Sahakian (St. John Bosco) p. Bryson Harrington (Buchanan), 3:46.


100: Jillian Wells (Central Catholic) p. Christina Estrada (Buchanan), 5:56; Lily Dizon (Pitman) p. Katherine Hernandez (Bell Gardens), 3:19

105: Anaya Falcon (Walnut) d. Jazmine Turner (Grace David), 7-6; Olivia Lopez (Hamilton) p. Alicia Serratos (Santa Ana), 3:33

110: Deandra Meza (Walnut) d. Eden Hernandez (Poway), 3-2; Kaiya Maggini (Del Oro) p. Sophia Cornish (Tesoro), 5:53

115: Isabella Marie Gonzales (Clovis East) p. Birta McCaskill (Mira Mesa), 0:48; Kylee Golz (Trabuco Hills) d. Xiomara Gallego (Poway), 9-5

120: Shayna Ward (Oakland Tech) d. Me'kala James (Central), 5-4; Alejandra Valdivezo (Poway) d. Lauren Zaragoza (Brawley), 4-0

125: Christina Osorio (Downey) d. Duicy Martinez (Central Catholic), 7-4; Samantha Sachs (Glendora) d. Lilyana Balderas (Anaheim), 5-3

130: Tamara Grace (Gilroy), d. Sophia Hejnal (Grace Davis), 8-4; Yzabella Austin (Pitman) p. Skye Schneider (Elk Grove), 2:40

135: Alex Maday (Whitney) p. Kayla Edwards (Rancho Buena Vista), 5:23; Danica Kelley (Scotts Valley) p. Maci Stemmons (Monte Vista), 2:59

140: Faith Bartoszek (Northviewl) p. Gianna Dibenedetto (Bella Fista), 1:35; Olivia Davis (Monte Vista-SD) d. Luana Stathopoulos (Redwood), 9-7

145: Delarie Juarez (Brawley) d. Skyler Gassel (Newport Harbor), 4-1; Samantha Arce (Mater Dei) p. Chloe Overgaag (Palm Desert), 5:39

155: Duda Rodrigues (Newport Harbor) p. Nisa Rogers (Righetti), 5:57; Angelinah DeLeon (Santa Clara) p. Avangeline Turner (Davis), 4:53

170: Leilani Lemus (Clovis) d. Kauilani Garcia (Gilroy), 1-0; Alexandria Perez (La Costa Canyon) Mikayla Lancaster (Gregori), 7-6

190: Kathryn Hingano (Rio Linda) p. Briana Alvarado (Highland), 1:27; Juliana Marquez (Gabrielino) p. Kyree Rubio (Canyon Springs), 3:01

235: Gemma Templeman (Rocklin) p. Estrella Vasquez-Gutierrez (Greenfield), 3:27; Fernanda Canedo (Ridgeview) p. Brianna Espinoza (Central Valley), 2:34


(All by Joe Bergman)

2024 CIF State Wrestling Championships Semifiinal Round February 24, 2024 Photo-Joe Bergman47
2024 CIF State Wrestling Championships Semifiinal Round February 24, 2024 Photo-Joe Bergman41
2024 CIF State Wrestling Championships Semifiinal Round February 24, 2024 Photo-Joe Bergman56
2024 CIF State Wrestling Championships Semifiinal Round February 24, 2024 Photo-Joe Bergman60
2024 CIF State Wrestling Championships Semifinals February 24, 2024 Photo-Joe Bergman68


(Among the top 25 in each weight class)


10-Henry Aslikyan (Birmingham, CA) SO

13-Arseni Kikiniou (Poway, CA) FR


6-Edwin Sierra (Poway, CA) JR

12-Rocklin Zinkin (Buchanan, CA) SO

16-Abram Cline (Granite Hills, CA) SR


8-Ronnie Ramirez (Walnut, CA) JR

10-Nathan Carillo (St. John Bosco, CA) SO

11-Isaiah Quintero (El Dorado, CA) SR

12-Moses Mendoza (Gilroy, CA) SO

13-Slater Hicks (Valencia, CA) FR

24-Antonio Rodriguez (Los Gatos, CA) SO


3-Isaiah Cortez (Gilroy, CA) JR

11-Nikade Zinkin (Clovis, CA) JR


16-Victor-Alexander Gutierrez (Central Catholic, CA) SO

17-Elijah Cortez (Gilroy, CA) JR


1-Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy, CA) JR

3-Paul Kelly (Poway, CA) SR


8-Joseph Toscano (Buchanan, CA) SO

24-Moses Mirabal (Gilroy) SR


1-Brock Mantanona (Palm Desert, CA) SR

2-Miguel Estrada (Frontier, CA) SR

8-Laird Root (Poway, CA) SR

23-Ethan Parco (Los Gatos, CA) SR


6-Andrew Barbosa (Palm Desert, CA) SR

7-Grigor Cholakyan (St. John Bosco, CA) SR

8-Leo Contino (Buchanan, CA) JR

24-Christopher Creason (El Diamante, CA) SO


5-Collin Guffey (Granite Hills, CA) SR

6-Joseph Antonio (St. John Bosco, CA) JR

15-Adrien Reyes (Clovis, CA) JR


16-Angelo Posada (Poway, CA) JR


12-Sonny Kling (Canyon Springs, CA) SR

21-Diego Costa (Palm Desert, CA) SR

23-Brokton Borelli (Los Banos, CA) JR

24-Thomas Sandoval (Vacaville, CA) SR


10-Coby Merrill (John W. North, CA) SO

11-Robert Platt (Poway, CA) SR


1-Cody Merrill (Gilroy, CA) SR

9-Nicholas Sahakian (St. John Bosco, CA) JR



(106) Clarence Moore (Sr., Branham) def. Rocklin Zinkin (Fr., Buchanan) F-4:45

(113) Ronnie Ramirez (So., Walnut) def. Antonio Rodriguez (Fr., Los Gatos) Dec 9-2

(120) Isaiah Cortez (So. Gilroy) def. Isaiah Quintero (Jr., El Dorado) Dec 1-0

(126) Elijah Cortez (So. Gilroy) def. Joseph Toscano (Fr., Buchanan) Dec 2-1

(132) Daniel Zepeda (So., Gilroy) def. Gavin Bauder (Jr., Clovis North) TF-5:28 20-5

(138) Dario Lemus (Sr., Clovis) def. Brock Mantanona (Jr., Palm Desert) Dec 6-3

(145) Miguel Estrada (Jr., Frontier) def. Laird Root (Jr., Poway) Dec 4-2 TB2

(152) Beau Mantanona (Sr., Palm Desert) def. Collins Guffey (Jr., Granite Hills) Dec 2-0

(160) Nicco Ruiz (Sr., St. John Bosco) def. Angelo Posada (So., Poway) F-1:24

(170) Luke Condon (Sr., Poway) def. Sloan Swan (Sr., Buchanan) F-1:59

(182) Timothy McDonnell (Sr., Fountain Valley) def. Sonny Kling (Jr., Canyon Springs) Dec 5-4

(195) Robert Platt (Jr., Brawley) def. Coby Merrill (Fr., Gilroy) Dec 3-1 SV

(220) Nicholas Sahakian (So., St. John Bosco) def. Kannon Campbell (Sr., Buchanan) Dec 5-1

(285) Daniel Herrera (Jr., Palm Desert) def. Sam Hinojosa (Sr., Stagg) Dec 3-2


(101) Brenda Nunez (Sr., Buchanan) def. Jillian Wells (Sr., Lakeside) Dec 3-0

(106) Anaya Falcon (Jr., Walnut) def. Paige Morales (Sr., Central) Dec 8-2

(111) Kiely Tabaldo (Sr., Menlo-Atherton) def. Karissa Turnwall (Sr., Paloma Valley) Dec 3-0

(116) Isabella Marie Gonzalez (So., Clovis East) def. Alex Waitsman (Sr., El Camino Real) F-1:38

(121) Lilly Avalos (Sr., Pitman) def. Lilyana Balderas (Fr., Anaheim) F-1:19

(126) Carissa Qureshi (Sr., Marina) def. Baya Austin (Fr., Pitman) F-1:05

(131) Taydem Khamjoi (Sr., Cesar Chavez) def. Gabryella Austin (So., Pitman) F-2:54

(137) Gianna Dibenedetto (Jr., Bella Vista) def. Valerie Glenn (Sr., Gilroy) MD 10-0

(143) Jennah Creason (Jr., Redwood) def. Adelaida Fernandez (Fr., Birmingham) F-1:42

(150) Duda Rodrigues (Jr., Newport Harbor) def. Johanna Forman (Sr., Northview) Dec 6-0

(160) Leilani Lemus (Fr., Clovis) def. Vida Beckel (Sr., Cypress) F-3:04

(170) Jocelyn Yepez (Sr., Paramount) def. Kathryn Hingano (Jr., Rio Linda) MD 10-1

(189) Saiheron Preciado-Meza (Sr., Marina) def. Naomi Roby (Sr., Golden Valley) F-1:56

(235) Destiny Marquez (Sr., Marina) def. Allie Phillips (Sr., Mark Keppel) Dec 1-0


1. Buchanan 244

2. Poway 202.5

3. Gilroy 194

4. Clovis 173

5. Bakersfield 166.5

6. Palm Desert 165

7. St. John Bosco 163.5

8. Los Gatos 89

9. Granite Hills 76

10. Oakdale 75


1. Marina 114

2. Walnut 88

3. Pitman 86

4. Gilroy 73

5. Golden Valley 62

6. Buchanan 57.5

7. Evergreen Valley 55

8. Northview 54

9. Redwood 45

10. Clovis East and Golden West 41