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National top 25 high school wrestling rankings for every weight class (2/23/2024)

National Prep Tournaments highlights a weekend a big events
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The Big event this weekend is the National Prep Tournament at Lehigh University. This grandaddy of an event features four of the top teams in the nation in Wyoming Seminary, Blair Academy, Malvern Prep, and Lake Highland Prep.

Elsewhere across the nation, state tournaments are being held as the season comes to a close. Illinois had their individual tournament last week. This week they are doing their state dual meet tournament. Michigan is also holding their state dual championship.

Missouri’s state tournament started on Wednesday. California began on Thursday. Idaho, Kansas, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Wyoming get underway on Friday. All conclude on Saturday.

One step away from the states are Florida (regions), Maryland (regions), Minnesota (sections), and New Jersey (regions).

Ohio and Pennsylvania are a few weeks away, with Ohio in their first stage and Pennsylvania in its second.

With several other big events now concluded we present the latest edition of our weekly national wrestling rankings.

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