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SBLive Sports National High School Wrestling Rankings (2/23/2023)

Final state tournaments are wrapping up; check out our new Honorable Mention category for each weight class
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We are in the stretch run for the high school wrestling season. Don’t fear though, the SBLive National Rankings are going to continue through the “National Postseason” and through the completion of the cycle at Fargo. Once the season ends our updates will only come out when national events dictate changes.

Ohio is the last state to begin its postseason series, and they get underway this weekend with Sectional Tournaments. California and Wisconsin both start their state tournaments on Thursday, and they run through Saturday.

Kansas, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma and Oregon are some of the other noteworthy states having their state tournaments this weekend. In addition, Illinois and Michigan are having their dual meet states. The National Prep tournament is on Friday and Saturday as well.

Iowa’s No. 1 Ben Keuter won his fourth state crown capping off an undefeated career. A few notable upsets in Iowa occurred. At 106, unranked Tyler Harper (Norwalk) pinned No. 7 Carter Pearson (Southeast Polk) in the state semis in 18 seconds. Harper fell in the finals to Iowa City West’s Alexander Pierce. Pierce was unranked nationally as well.

Pearson’s track record, which includes two previous wins over Harper and one win against Pierce, keeps him above those guys, but he tumbles to No. 12. Pierce comes in at No. 16 with Harper at 17.

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Koufax Christensen was unranked in the country at 120. In his state final, he downed No. 12 Bowen Downey (Indianola), 2-1. A deep dive into Christensen’s season revealed a win over No. 13 Hunter Taylor (Liberty, MO) at the Dan Gable Donnybrook to kick off the season. Christensen slides in at No. 13, Downey at 14, and Taylor is now No. 15.

The Gable tournament results pushed Devon Harrison (Liberty, MO) into the honorable mention section at 113. Harrison was ranked No. 14 at 106 but moved to 113 for the state series. Harrison was seventh at Ironman at 106, but his losses when he was at 113 do not allow him to be a top 25 guy at 113.

Zaidy Quinonez (Pomona, CO) went the opposite route of Harrison, dropping to 106 from 113. He too, has losses at 113 that kept him out of those rankings, but at 106, Quinonez picked off No. 18 Griffin Rial (Pine Creek) in the Colorado 5A State Finals, 11-2. Quinonez has a loss to Granite Hills’ Abram Cline (CA) from the Doc Buchanan tournament. Rial falls out of the top 25 and is now honorable mention alongside Quinonez.

A huge upset happened in the 4A heavyweight final in Colorado when unranked and undefeated Dmarian Lopez (Montrose) edged No. 7 Matthew Moore (Mesa Ridge), 2-1. Moore has a number of wins that back up his lofty ranking, so Lopez is now No. 7 with Moore at No. 8.

Two 120lbers in Oklahoma are attempting to play havoc with the rankings. Cash Donnell (Piedmont) defeated No. 20 Devon Miller (Westmoore) in the 6A West Region final. Miller has beaten No. 21 Sam Smith (Stillwater) twice this year. Smith has two wins over Donnell. Canon Acklin (Collinsville), who won the 5A East Region, has split with Donnell this season, winning their most recent meeting at the Yukon Jay Hancock Tournament.

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Given the track records and all the results, we left Miller and Smith where they were, and added Donnell and Acklin to the honorable mention section. This weekend’s state tournament will provide us with their final ranking positions.

Our decision to leave Rocklin Zinkin (Buchanan, CA) above Thunder Lewis (Clovis) following a loss to Lewis at the Central Section D1 tournament was justified when Zinkin beat Lewis, 14-3, in the Central Section Masters Finals. It was Zinkin’s third win over Lewis during the current campaign.

Unranked Tylin Thine (New Castle) won the 126lb Indiana title. To do so, he dropped No. 12 Logan Frazier (Crown Point), 4-3, in the semis. Frazier was seventh at Ironman this year. Thine is No. 15 now and Frazier is right behind him. Moving in ahead of Thine is Wyoming Seminary’s Matthew Botello, who dropped from 132 for the National Prep Tournament.

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Another National Prep qualifier shook the rankings up a bit at 150. Prior to the Pennsylvania Private School States, there was a clear chain that had No. 16 Chris Crawford (Wyoming Seminary, PA) leading the top three NP wrestlers. Crawford beat Lake Highland Prep Florida’s Claudio Torres (No. 23) at PowerAde. Torres defeated Nathan Rickards (Malvern Prep) at PowerAde.

So, of course, Rickards upset Crawford in the PA finals. In the NP seeding it was easy to slide Rickards over Crawford because it only involved those three grapplers. But seeds are different than rankings, and in this case, there are a number of other wrestlers that play into that national rankings.

In the national rankings, Rickards could move no higher than No. 23 due to some of his losses. Crawford stays ahead of them at No. 17. Torres moves to No. 21.

Lastly, when you peruse the Pennsylvania public school district and region brackets, you will not find No. 4 Louie Gill (Reynolds) in any of the 113lb fields. This is because of PA transfer rules that don’t allow an athlete who transfers after their sophomore season to compete in the postseason for their new team. Gill, a junior, was able to do regular season activities, but is sidelined for the end of year events. Gill was first in the state as a freshman and second as a sophomore for Hickory. 

Enjoy our latest edition of the SBLive Sports National High School Wrestling Rankings:


1-Keanu Dillard (Bethlehem Catholic, PA) FR

2-Aaron Seidel (North Lebanon, PA) SO

3-Dominic Munaretto (St. Charles East, IL) FR

4-Javaan Yarbrough (Copley, OH) JR

5-Ayden Smith (Notre Dame, PA) JR

6-Davis Motyka (Wyoming Seminary, PA) JR

7-Haakon Peterson (Hollondale, WI) FR

8-JoJo Uhorchuk (Signal Mountain, TN) FR

9-Dominic Deputy (Chestnut Ridge, PA) FR

10-Ethan Timar (St. Edward, OH) SO

11-Aidan Carmody (Livingston, NJ) SR

12-Carter Pearson (Southeast Polk, IA) SO

13-Liam Neitzel (Hudson, WI) SO

14-Darren Florance (Bainbridge, NY) JR

15-Hudson Loges (Blair, NE) SO

16-Alexander Pierce (Iowa City West, IA) FR

17-Tyler Harper (Norwalk, IA) JR

18-Rylan Seacrist (Brecksville, OH) FR

19-Revin Dickman (Brownsburg, IN) FR

20-Rocklin Zinkin (Buchanan, CA) FR

21-Abram Cline (Granite Hills, CA) JR

22-Thunder Lewis (Clovis, CA) FR

23-Aydan Thomas (Stillwater, OK) SO

24-Raekwon Shabazz (Xavier, CT) JR

25-Jason “Jake” Goodin (Edmond North, OK) SO


Eric Casula (Westmoore, OK) FR

Nathan Rioux (Avon, IN) FR

Zaidy Quinonez (Pomona, CO) FR

Griffin Rial (Pine Creek, CO) SO


1-Bo Bassett (Bishop McCort, PA) FR

2-Beric Jordan (Stillwater, OK) JR

3-Nathan Desmond (Bethlehem Catholic, PA) SO

4-Louie Gill (Reynolds, PA) JR

5-Tyler DeKraker (Blair Academy, NJ) FR

6-Lukas Littleton-Mascaro (Malvern Prep, PA) FR

7-Seth Mendoza (Mt. Carmel, IL) SO

8-Mack Mauger (Blackfoot, ID) JR

9-Jayden Raney (Union County, KY) FR

10-Karson Brown (St. Edward, OH) FR

11-Jayden James (Delbarton, NJ) FR

12-Ethan Rivera (Lake Highland Prep, FL) JR

13-Antonio Mills (Stone Mountain, GA) FR

14-Tyler Garvin (Rising Sun, MD) JR

15-Jake Knight (Bettendorf, IA) FR

16-Chris Kiser (Ponca City, OK) JR

17-Dru Ayala (Fort Dodge, IA) JR

18-Blake Beissel (Hastings, MN) JR

19-Michael Olson (Albert Lea, MN) JR

20-Wyatt Skebba (Hortonville, WI) SR

21-Matthew Dolan (Spring Mills, WV) SR

22-Luke Willochell (Latrobe, PA) SO

24-Robert Duffy (Christian Brothers Academy, NJ) FR

25-Gabriel Ramirez (Canyon View, AZ) SO


Antonio Rodriguez (Los Gatos, CA) FR

Ronnie Ramirez (Walnut, CA) SO

Dale O’blia (Mullen, CO) JR

Devon Harrison (Liberty, MO) SO

Damian Moreno (Kofa, AZ)


1-Jax Forrest (Bishop McCort, PA) FR

2-Luke Lilledahl (Wyoming Seminary, PA) JR

3-Marcus Blaze (Perrysburg, OH) SO

4-Anthony Knox (St. John Vianney, NJ) SO

5-Leo DeLuca (Blair Academy, NJ) SO

6-Jordyn Raney (Union County, KY) FR

7-Alan Koehler (Prior Lake, MN) SR

8-Sebastian Degennaro (Jensen Beach, FL) SO

9-Isaiah Cortez (Gilroy, CA) SO

10-Gauge Botero (Faith Christian Academy, PA) SO

11-Nikade Zinkin (Clovis, CA)

12-Isaiah Quintero (El Dorado, CA) JR

13-Koufax Christensen (Waukee Northwest, IA) JR

14-Bowen Downey (Indianola, IA) SR

15-Hunter Taylor (Liberty, MO) JR

16-Kellen Wolbert (Oconomowoc, WI) FR

17-Ben Bast (West Bend West, WI) SR

18-Gylon Sims (Joliet Catholic, IL) SR

19-Nick Treaster (Newton, KS) SR

20-Devon Miller (Westmoore, OK) SO

21-Sam Smith (Stillwater, OK) SR

22-Dan Jones (Delbarton, NJ) JR

23-Mason Ziegler (Quakertown, PA)

24-Max Elton (Holy Spirit, NJ) SR

25-Tommy Link (Malvern Prep) SR


Cash Donnell (Piedmont, OK) JR

Canon Acklin (Collinsville, OK)

Brandon Morvari (Simley, MN) SR

Matthew Martino (Bishop Kelly, ID) SO

Kolter Burton (American Falls, ID) JR

Cam Stinson (Mallard Creek, NC) JR


1-Ben Davino (St. Charles East, IL) JR

2-Marc-Anthony McGowan (Blair Academy, NJ) SR

3-Dillon Campbell (Legacy Christian, OH) JR

4-Max Gallagher (Blue Point, NY) SR

5-Mason Gibson (Bishop McCort, PA) JR

6-Caden Horwath (Davison, MI) SR

7-Kael Lauridsen (Bennington, NE) SR

8-Vinny Kilkeary (Greater Latrobe, PA) SR

9-Conor Collins (Southern Regional, NJ) SR

10-Coleman Nogle (Mt. St. Joe, MD) SR

11-Nikolas O’Neill (Malvern Prep, PA) JR

12-Luke Stanich (Roxbury, NJ) SR

13-Jake Crapps (Cass, GA) JR

14-Matthew Botello (Wyoming Seminary, PA) SO

15-Tylin Thrine (New Castle, IN) FR

16-Logan Frazier (Crown Point, IN) SR

17-Colby Crouch (Troy (Triad), IL) JR

18-Porter Matecki (Whitfield, MO) JR

19-Jameson Garcia (Marmion, IL) SR

20-Garret Rinkin (Nashua-Plainfield, IA) SR

21-Elias Navida (Poway, CA) JR

22-Joe Toscano (Buchanan, CA) FR

23-Gage Walker (Bixby, OK)

24-JJ McComas (Stillwater, OK) JR

25-Logan Swensen (Wayzata, MN) JR


Jacob Joyce (Ponaganset, RI) SR

Jack Nelson (Westonka, MN) JR

Miles Anderson (Millard South, NE) JR

Marcello Milani (St. Mary’s, MI) SR


1-Cael Hughes (Stillwater, OK) SR

2-Sergio Lemley (Mt. Carmel, IL) SR

3-Zan Fugitt (Nixa, MO) SR

4-Vincent Robinson (Homewood Flossmor, IL) SR

5-Kyle Larkin (Valiant Prep, AZ) JR

6-Landan Robideau (St. Michael Albertville, MN) SO

7-Tyler Knox (St. John’s Prep, MA) SR

8-Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial, NJ) SR

9-Braden Davis (Dundee, MI) SR

10-Noah Nininger (Staunton River, VA) SO

11-Tyler Ferrara (Chenango Forks, NY) SR

12-Maddox Shaw (Thomas Jefferson, PA) SO

13-Aden Valencia (Ann Sobrato, CA) JR

14-Daniel Zepeda (Gilroy, CA) SO

15-Drew Heethuis (Detroit Central Catholic, MI) SR

16-Jaxon Joy (Wadsworth, OH) JR

17-Jack Consiglio (Malvern Prep, PA) JR

18-Matty Lopes (Blair Academy, NJ) JR

19-Will Baysingar (Mt. Prospect, IL) SR

20-Kale Peterson (Greene County, IA) SR

21-Gable Porter (Underwood, IA) SR

22-Brayden Sonnentag (Cadott, WI) SR

23-Luke Simcox (Central Mountain, PA) JR

24-DJ Gillet (Crescent Valley, OR) SR

25-Hunter Hollingsworth (Edmond North, OK) JR


Tanner Frothinger (Eagle, ID) SR

Carlos Stanton (Sunnyside, AZ) SO

Kyison Garcia (Mountain Ridge, UT) SR

Donovan Chavis (St. Peter Prep, NJ) SR


1-Nasir Bailey (Rich Township, IL) SR

2-Ryder Block (Waverly-Shell Rock, IA) SR

3-Brock Mantanona (Palm Desert, CA) JR

4-Kollin Rath (Bethlehem Catholic, PA) SO

5-Greyson Clark (Kaukauna, WI) SR

6-Dario Lemus (Clovis, CA) SR

7-Grigor Cholakyan (St. John Bosco, CA) JR

8-Brandon Cannon (Ponderosa, CO) SR

9-Omar Ayoub (Dublin Coffman, OH) JR

10-Tyler Vazquez (Delbarton, NJ) SR

11-Pierson Manville (State College, PA) JR

12-Dalton Perry (Central Mountain, PA) SO

13-Ryan Bennett (St. Edward, OH) JR

14-Elijah Rivera (Lake Highland Prep, FL) SR

15-Jaden Pepe (Wyoming, PA) SR

16-Hunter Mason (Greeneville, TN) SR

17-Alessandro Nini (Christian Brothers, NJ) JR

18-Bryson Vaughn (Notre Dame, PA)

19-Spencer Barnhart (Malvern Prep, PA) SR

20-Gage Owen (South Carroll, MD) SR

21-Jacob Brenneman (Northern Garrett, MD) SR

22-Jace Roller (Bixby, OK)

23-William Heger (El Reno, OK)

24-Drew Gorman (Buford, GA) SO

25-Tyler Guerra (St. Charles East, IL) JR


Emmitt Sherlock (Gilman, MD) SO


1-Koy Buesgens (New Prague, MN) SR

2-Kannon Webster (Washington, IL) SR

3-Ethan Parco (Los Gatos, CA) JR

4-Mac Church (Waynesburg, PA) SR

5-Joel Adams (Millard South, NE) SR

6-Collin Gaj (Quakertown, PA) SO

7-Sam Cartella (Western Reserve, OH) SR

8-Brock Herman (Brecksville, OH) SR

9-Cameron Catrabone (Williamsville, NY) JR

10-Laird Root (Poway, CA) JR

11-Miguel Estrada (Frontier, CA) JR

12-Yannis Charles (St. Joseph Regional, NJ) JR

13-Julian George (Christian Brothers, NJ) SR

14-Ryan Ford (Bergen Catholic, NJ)

15-Cade Wirnsberger (Meadowbrook Christian School, PA) SR

16-Matt Repos (Central Dauphin, PA) SR

17-Collin Dupill (Greeneville, TN) SR

18-Ty Wilson (Dublin Scioto, OH) JR

19-Vince Bouzakis (Notre Dame, PA) SO

20-Anthony Evanitsky (Wyoming Area, PA) SO

21-Jamar Dixon Jr. (Delsea, NJ)

22-Logan Rozynski (Blair Academy, NJ) JR

23-Patrick Jordon (New Kent, VA) SR

24-Brodie Dominique (Archbold, OH) JR

25-Q’velli Quintanilla (University, WA) SR


Gabriel Bouyssou (Scituate, RI) JR

Ethan Mojena (Lake Highland Prep, FL) SR

Joel Brown (Landon, MD) SR

Michael Pizzuto (South Carroll, MD) SR

Gavin Linsman (Liberty, MO) JR


1-Beau Mantanona (Palm Desert, CA) SR

2-PJ Duke (Minisink Valley, NY) SO

3-William Henckel (Blair, NJ) SO

4-Ty Watters (West Allegheny, PA) SR

5-Dylan Gilcher (Detriot Central Catholic, MI) SR

6-Cooper Haase (Osceola, FL) SR

7-Conner Harer (Montgomery, PA) JR

8-Maxximus Martinez (Gilroy, CA) SR

9-Zach Hanson (Lakeville North, MN) SR

10-Carter McCallister (Rock Bridge, MO) SR

11-Collin Guffey (Granite Hills, CA) JR

12-Weston Dalton (Pueblo East, CO) SR

13-Jeremiah Price (Surry Central, NC) SR

14-Wynton Denkins (Perrysburg, OH) SR

15-Mekhi Neal (St. Mary’s-Ryken, MD) JR

16-Collin Arch (Palmyra, MO) SR

17-Chris Crawford (Wyoming Seminary, PA) JR

18-Kael Voinovich (Stillwater, OK) JR

19-Clay Giddens-Buttram (Bixby, OK) JR

20-KJ Evans (Heritage Hall, OK) SR

21-Claudio Torres (Lake Highland Prep, FL) SO

22-Matthew Henrich (Southern Regional, NJ) JR

23-Nathan Rickards (Malvern Prep, PA) JR

24-Taythan Silva (Aurora Christian, IL) SR

25-Kody Routledge (Edmond North, OK) SO


Cross Wasilewski (Delbarton, NJ) SR

Keagan Judd (Sherando, VA) SR

Jadon Skellinger (Bishop Kelly, ID) JR

Zane Licht (Lodi, WI) SR


1-Joseph Sealey (Wyoming Seminary, PA) JR

2-Nicco Ruiz (St. John Bosco, CA) SR

3-Braeden Scoles (Kewaskum, WI) SR

4-Ethan Stiles (Conant, IL) SR

5-Ethan Birden (Dublin Coffman, OH) JR

6-LaDarion Lockett (Stillwater, OK) SO

7-Alessio Perentin (Delbarton, NJ) SO

8-Charlie Millard (Homestead, WI) JR

9-Shawn Taylor (West Allegheny, PA) JR

10-Dom Frontino (Shippensburg, PA) SR

11-Grant Mackay (Laurel, PA) SR

12-Patrick Jackson (Spring Mills, WV) SR

13-AJ Rodrigues (South Carroll, MD) SR

14-Dylan Evans (Chartiers Valley, PA) SR

15-Paul Ognissanti (Blair Academy, NJ) JR

16-Aiden Wallace (Bergen Catholic, NJ)

17-Andrew Harmon (Bethlehem Catholic, PA)

18-Bekhruz Sadriddinov (Council Rock South, PA) JR

19-Zander Silva (Christian Brothers Academy, NJ)

20-Reed Fullmer (Malvern Prep, PA) SR

21-JT Chance (Western Reserve, OH) SR

22-Nick Kunstek (Pottsville, PA) JR

23-Anthony Rinehart (Crown Point, IN) SO

24-Dagen Condomitti (Northampton, PA) SR

25-Mason Alessio (Joliet Catholic, IL) SR


Christopher Earnest (Wadsworth, OH)

Aiden Davis (Dundee, MI) SR

Zach Ballante (Paramus Catholic, NJ) SO

Darius Marines (Detroit Central Catholic, MI) JR

Jordan Chapman (Cranford, NJ) SO


1-Angelo Ferrari (Melissa, TX) JR

2-Joey Blaze (Perrysburg, OH) SR

3-Daschle Lamer (Crescent Valley, OR) SR

4-Louis Cerchio (Delbarton, NJ) JR

5-Jasiah Queen (St. John Vianney, NJ) SO

6-Cole Glazier (Kasson, MN) SR

7-Holden Garcia (Notre Dame, PA) SR

8-Sam Goin (Crown Point, IN) SR

9-Rafael Hipolito (Independence, VA) SR

10-Dominic Bambinelli (Mill Creek, GA) SO

11-Sloan Swan (Buchanan, CA) SR

12-Cade Ziola (Omaha Skutt, NE) SO

13-Gunner Cramblett (Graham, OH) JR

14-Boeden Greenley (Lisbon, ND) SR

15-Chris Moore (McHenry, IL) SR

16-Colin Kelly (Mt. Carmel, IL) JR

17-Max Magayna (Columbus Catholic, IA) JR

18-Erik McCown (Palm Desert, CA) SR

19-Nick Fox (Osage, IA) SR

20-Landyn Sommer (Stillwater, OK) JR

21-Ryan Burton (St. Joe Regional, NJ) SO

22-Michael Murphy (Westfield, NJ)

23-Max Nevlin (St. Peter Prep, NJ) SO

24-Nolan O’Boyle (Norfolk Academy, VA) SR

25-Daniel Rella (Paramus Catholic, NJ) JR


Chris Minto (Mariner, FL) SR

Moses Espinoza-Owens (Viewmont, UT) SR


1-Rocco Welsh (Waynesburg, PA) SR

2-Josh Barr (Davison, MI) SR

3-Simon Ruiz (Delbarton, NJ) SR

4-Lorenzo Norman (Blair Academy, NJ) SR

5-Josh Palacio (North Bergen, NJ) SR

6-Jared Schoppe (Delsea, NJ) SR

7-Jarrel Miller (St. Edward, OH) SO

8-Dylan Newsome (Bishop Hartley, OK) SR

9-Myles Takats (Perrysburg, OH) SR

10-Tyler Eise (Ponderosa, CO) SO

11-Latrell Schafer (Veterans, GA) JR

12-Peyton Westpfahl (Liberty, MO) SO

13-Omaury Alvarez (Baylor, TN) SR

14-Gage Wright (Parkersburg South, WV) JR

15-Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial, NJ) SO

16-Adam Waters (Faith Christian Academy, PA) FR

17-Abe Wojcikiewicz (Civic Memorial, IL) SR

18-Lucas Condon (Poway, CA) SR

19-Luke Barker (Dodge City, KS) SR

20-Connor Padgett (Maize, KS) SR

21-Sabino Portella (Red Bank, NJ) SR

22-Tyler Secoy (Columbus, GA) JR

23-Luke Vanadia (Brecksville, OH) SR

24-Jed Webster (St. Michael Albertville, MN) JR

25-Bryce Burkett (Watertown, MN) SO


Brett Smith (Troy Buchanan, MO) SR

Ethan Riddle (Germantown, WI) SR

Shane Cartagena-Walsh (St. Benedict’s, NJ)

Dominic Wheatley (Nazareth, PA)

Matthew Furman (Canon-McMilan, PA)


1-Zach Ryder (Minisink Valley, NY) JR

2-Ryder Rogotzke (Stillwater, OK) SR

3-Gabe Arnold (Iowa City, IA) SR

4-Tate Naaktgeboren (Linn-Mar Marion, IA) SR

5-Cole Han-Lindemyer (Farmington, MN) JR

6-Orlando Cruz (Crown Point, IN) SR

7-Noah Mulvaney (Arrowhead, WI) SR

8-Justin Rademacher (West Linn, OR) SR

9-Tye Monteiro (Bakersfield, CA) SR

10-Timothy McDonnell (Fountain Valley, CA) SR

11-CJ Walrath (Notre Dame, IA) SR

12-De’Alcapon Veazy (Fort Wayne, IN) SO

13-Aidan Brenot (Clarksville, TN) SR

14-Adam Cherne (Wayzata, MN) SR

15-Thomas Sandoval (Vacaville, CA) JR


Tyler Hodges (Clovis, CA) SR


1-Max McEnelly (Waconia, MN) SR

2-Jude Correa (Wyoming Seminary, PA) SO

3-Camden McDanel (Teays Valley, OH) SR

4-Rune Lawrence (Frazier, PA) JR

5-Joey Novak (New Prague, MN) SR

6-Sonny Sasso (Nazareth, PA) SR

7-Connor Mirasola (West Bend West, WI) JR

8-AJ Heeg (Stillwater, OK) SR

9-Thomas Dineen (Benson, MN) SR

10-Tucker Hogan (Daniel Boone, PA) JR

11-George Rhodes (Absegami, NJ) SR

12-Brock Zurawski (Lower Cape May, NJ) SR

13-Dreshaun Ross (Fort Dodge, IA) FR

14-McCrae Hagarty (Waverly-Shell Rock, IA) SR

15-Jackson Dewald (Westwood, IA) SR

16-Brian Burburija (Countryside, FL) SR

17-Justin Griffith (Sanford, DE) SR

18-Mikey Dellagatta (St. Joe Regional, NJ) SR

19-Myles Johnson (Springboro, OH) SR

20-Vincenzo LaValle (Hanover Park, NJ) SO

21-Nate Taylor (Green Farms Academy, CT) JR

22-Nick Wehmeyer (Malvern Prep, PA) JR

23-Kingsley Menefee (Fauquier, VA) SR

24-Jacob Gilfoil (Bishop McDevitt, PA)

25-Markell Rivera-Cain (Ironwood, AZ) SR


Tomas Brooker (Hickory Ridge, NC) SR

Luke Cochran (Jefferson, GA) SR

Payton Thomas (Moore, OK)

Vincent Lee (Delbarton, NJ) JR

Keanu Trelles (Buchanan, CA)

Mark Marin (Clovis, CA) SO

Ryland Whitworth (Fountain Valley, CA) JR


1-Ben Kueter (Iowa City, IA) SR

2-Koy Hopke (Amery, WI) JR

3-Gavin Nelson (Simley, MN) SR

4-Carter Neves (Blair Academy, NJ) JR

5-Aeoden Sinclair (Milton, WI) JR

6-Hayden Walters (Crater, OR) SR

7-Sawyer Bartelt (South Dade, FL) JR

8-Max Shulaw (St. Francis Desales, OH) JR

9-Cash Henderson (Wood Cross, UT) JR

10-Max Agresti (Salesianum, DE) SR

11-Jersey Robb (Bixby, OK) SR

12-Dylan Russo (Olentangy Liberty, OH) SR

13-Austin Johnson (Muncy, PA) SO

14-Sam Sorenson (Homer, NY) SR

15-Ethan Gallo (Minisink Valley, NY) SR

16-Vaun Halstead (Thurston, OR) SR

17-Will Clark (Crown Point, IN) JR

18-Zachary Delsanter (St. Edward, OH) SR

19-Hudson Skove (Rumson-Fair Haven, NJ) SR

20-Bryce Phillips (Mt. St. Joe, MD) JR

21-Max Vanadia (Brecksville, OH) SR

22-Nick Reinicke (Dike-New Hartford, IA) SR

23-Nicholas Sahakian (St. John Bosco, CA)

24-Eli Markel (Waynesburg, PA) SR

25-Brady Colbert (Paul VI, VA) SR


Gabe Fisher (Montgomery Bell, TN) SR

Josh Cordio (Wyoming Seminary, PA) SR


1-Dillan Johnson (Joliet Catholic, IL) JR

2-Jim Mullen (St. Joe’s Regional, NJ) SR

3-Riley Robell (Bishop McDevitt, PA) SR

4-Cole Mirasola (West Bend West, WI) JR

5-Sean Kinney (Nazareth, PA)

6-Daniel Herrera (Palm Desert, CA) JR

7-Dmarian Lopez (Montrose, CO) SR

8-Matthew Moore (Mesa Ridge, CO) SR

9-Emmanuel Ulrich (Mifflinburg, PA) SR

10-Aden Attao (Borah, ID) SR

11-Tyson Terry (Omaha North, NE) SO

12-Will Sather (Eden Prairie, MN) JR

13-Richard Thomas (Edmond North, OK) JR

14-Aidan Fockler (Massillon Perry, OH) JR

15-Leighton Jones (Brownsburg, IN) SR

16-Spencer Lanogsa (Jesuit, LA) JR

17-Maddox Borcherding (Norwalk, IA) SR

18-Sampson Stillwell (St. Michael The Archangel, MO) SO

19-Paul Clark (Crown Point, IN) JR

20-Max Acciardi (Paramus Catholic, NJ) SR

21-Jake Walker (Waverly-Shell Rock, IA) SR

22-Carson Hagan (Dowling Catholic, IA) SR

23-Nick Pavlechko (State College, PA) JR

24-Aaron Ries (Wadsworth, OH) JR

25-Kolton Weaver (Point Pleasant, WV) JR


John Levy (Carrollton, GA) SO

Austin Foye (Palmetto Ridge, FL) SR

Nathan Carnes (Porter Ridge, NC) SR

Tristen Hitchcock (Warrensburg, NY) SR

Billy Brosko (Haverford Prep, PA) SR