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Vote for best high school mascot in America, Round 1: Taylorsville Tartars vs. Miami Wardogs

Taylorsville (Mississippi) is the 7 seed and Miami (Oklahoma) is the 10 seed in the Midwest region

The bracket is set for SBLive Sports' 2024 NCAA Tournament-style contest to determine the best high school mascot in America, and Round 1 is underway.

Vote below for the No. 7-seeded Taylorsville Tartars (Mississippi) or the No. 10-seeded Miami Wardogs (Oklahoma) to advance to the second round, where the winner will face either the Omaha Benson Mighty Bunnies (Nebraska) or Alamosa Mean Moose (Colorado).

The Tartars earned a 7 seed by winning last fall's Mississippi contest with 133 votes, while the Wardogs won Oklahoma with 23 votes to earn a 10 seed.

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Voting for this matchup will conclude Wednesday, March 20, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

7. Taylorsville Tartars (Mississippi)

Tartars are fierce Mongolian warriors that date back to the days of Genghis Khan. That fighting spirit remains alive in Taylorsville, Mississippi. 

10. Miami Wardogs (Oklahoma)

From the Wardog History section of the Miami (pronounced "My-am-UH") website: "The history of the Wardog mascot for Miami Public Schools in Miami, Oklahoma dates back to the early 1900s. The term 'Wardog' originated from the local mining industry, which was prevalent in the area during that time. Miners would often refer to themselves as 'Wardogs' due to their strong work ethic and resilience. The term eventually became associated with the Miami High School athletic teams, representing their determination and tenacity on the playing field.”

-- Mike Swanson | | @sblivesports