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4A NPSL all-league football 2023: Kennedy Catholic RB Indiana Jones is player of the year

Kennedy Catholic's Pat Jones, Decatur's Matt Vaeena share coach of the year award

Here are the 4A NPSL first and second team selections for the 2023 football season, as voted on by the coaches.

Player of the year: Indiana Jones, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

Offensive player of the year: Nehemiah Washington, Decatur, jr. 

Defensive player of the year: Jabez Tuaoa, Kentwood, sr. 

All-purpose player of the year: Kage Repenn, Tahoma, sr. 

Offensive lineman of the year: Madox Meneses, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

Defensive lineman of the year: Derek Colman-Brusa, Kennedy Catholic, soph. 

Defensive back of the year: Zamaire Tellez, Federal Way, soph. 

Co-coaches of the year: Pat Jones, Kennedy Catholic and Matt Vaeena, Decatur 

Assistant coaches: Joey Martinez, Mount Rainier; Evan Cook, Decatur; Bruce Nelson, Kennedy Catholic; Thomas Bogan, Federal Way; Quincey Davison, Kentwood 


QB — Devon Forehand, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

RB — Antoine Lee, Kentwood, jr. 

RB — Deon Vann, Federal Way, jr. 

WR — Mason Moriarty, Kennedy Catholic, sr. 

WR — Zamarie Tellez, Federal Way, soph. 

WR — Austin May, Federal Way, jr. 

WR — Maddox Heyliger, Decatur, jr. 

WR — Rylan Keane, Mount Rainier, soph. 

TE — Dante Saladino, Kennedy Catholic, soph. 

OL — Gentry Tialavea, Decatur, sr. 

OL — Ben Gorney, Mount Rainier, sr. 

OL — Taeron Clay, Decatur, jr. 

OL — Jireh Ioane, Decatur, sr. 

OL — Cole Goodenow, Tahoma, sr. 

OL — Ethan Heidel, Kentwood, soph. 

OL — Lowen Colman-Brusa, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 


DL — Taeron Clay, Decatur, jr. 

DL — Jireh Ioane, Decatur, sr. 

DL — Henry Trost, Tahoma, jr. 

DL — Sam Wah, Federal Way, sr. 

LB — Nehemiah Washington, Decatur, jr. 

LB — Thomas Bevilacqua, Kennedy Catholic, sr. 

LB — Vionte Harrison, Federal Way, sr. 

LB — Indiana Jones, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

LB — Eldon Malele-Tala, Decatur, sr. 

DB — Jasonni Prum, Decatur, soph. 

DB — Landen Kahai, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

DB — Xavier Garms-Huricks, Federal Way, sr. 

DB — Jackson Dulay, Kentwood, sr. 

DB — Joey Thomas III, Kennedy Catholic, soph. 

DB — Chris Martinez, Mount Rainier, jr. 


K — Ryan Thomas, Kennedy Catholic 

P — Dante Saladino, Kennedy Catholic, soph. 

KR — Mason Moriarty, Kennedy Catholic, sr. 

KR — Carlos Nevarez, Kentridge, sr. 

KR — Logan Hines, Mount Rainier, jr. 


QB — Andy Cortez, Federal Way, jr. 

QB — Spencer Holloway, Decatur, jr. 

RB — Bryant Spangler, Tahoma, sr. 

RB — Sefa Leapai, Mount Rainier, jr. 

RB — Royce Miller, Kennedy Catholic, fr. 

WR — Jackson Dulay, Kentwood, sr. 

WR — Joey Thomas III, Kennedy Catholic, soph. 

WR — Tsiyown Lowey, Tahoma, jr. 

WR — Pana Tuputala, Federal Way, jr. 

TE — Omaha Lutu-Ili, Decatur, fr. 

OL — Zeek Taliauli, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

OL — Alex Mondt, Tahoma, sr. 

OL — Nick Leoso, Decatur, jr. 

OL — Caprice Coffey, Kennedy Catholic, sr. 


DL — Victor Vela Castro, Mount Rainier, soph. 

DL — Cam Mattingly, Kennedy Catholic, jr. 

DL — Xavier Bell, Tahoma, sr. 

DL — Angelo Wilson, Kentridge, sr. 

DL — Caprice Coffey, Kennedy Catholic, sr. 

LB — Garrett Atwood, Tahoma, jr. 

LB — Ezra Moalli, Kentwood, fr. 

LB — Sefa Leapai, Mount Rainier, jr. 

LB — Isaia Tagaloa, Decatur, sr. 

DB — Anthony Toomer, Federal Way, jr.

DB — Saul Ramirez, Decatur, sr. 

DB — Dante Saladino, Kennedy Catholic, soph. 

DB — Zach Hernandez, Kentwood, jr. 


P — Carlos Nevarez, Kentridge, sr.

(4A NPSL all-league team formatted by The News Tribune)