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WIAA Executive Director Mick Hoffman sat down for on a new episode of the SBLive Washington podcast (7:24 mark) on Wednesday.

He went in-depth with a look forward at the uncertain future of mask requirements in the fall (8:37), why we’ll know if high school sports will return to “normal” on July 28 (9:00), football state championship venue plans (15:04), future of the Tacoma Dome and state basketball playoffs (16:26), the WIAA’s view on club sports (28:54), Hoffman and the WIAA’s sharp stance against some state COVID restrictions (37:55), the pandemic’s economic impact on the WIAA (44:02), as well as NIL’s impact on high school sports and the future of eSports.

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The SBLive Washington podcast is a weekly conversation that takes a look at the top stories impacting high school sports across the state of Washington. The podcast is hosted and produced by reporter Andy Buhler, as well as analyst Dan Dickau and senior reporter Todd Milles. Thanks to sponsor Washington Federal. Download the SBLive Sports app on iPhone and Android today at no charge.

Host: Andy Buhler, Todd Milles
Guest: Mick Hoffman, WIAA
Producer: Andy Buhler

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