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High school football is underway across the state of Washington, but attendance is limited to 200 people total — including players, referees and personnel. So who gets in? How is that decided? And will the attendance cap increase? On this week's episode of the SBLive Washington podcast, Sumner-Bonney Lake School District athletic director and WIAA executive board president Tim Thomsen joins (16:21 mark) to answer those questions, and give a peek behind the curtain into how those decisions are made.

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The SBLive Washington podcast is a weekly conversation that takes a look at the top stories impacting high school sports across the state of Washington. We’d love to hear your most memorable piece of advice from a coach. Tag us on Twitter or Instagram@sblivewa or at our SBLive Washington page on Facebook. The podcast is hosted and produced by reporter Andy Buhler, as well as analyst Dan Dickau and senior reporter Todd Milles. Thanks to sponsor Washington Federal.

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(Lead photo by Vince Miller)