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As bigger classification high school football seasons start to begin on the west side of the state Friday, the SBLive Washington podcast talks about the challenges teams face of preparing for a season on the fly.

Gonzaga Prep quarterback Ryan McKenna joined (13:56 minute mark) to discuss the return of football, how he's preparing for the season and how he balances playing competitive hockey. McKenna, a junior, skated with Bobby Ryan of the Detroit Red Wings in Idaho over the summer.

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The SBLive Washington podcast is a weekly conversation that takes a look at the top stories impacting high school sports across the state of Washington. We’d love to hear your most memorable piece of advice from a coach. Tag us on Twitter or Instagram@sblivewa or at our SBLive Washington page on Facebook. The podcast is hosted and produced by reporter Andy Buhler, as well as analyst Dan Dickau and senior reporter Todd Milles.

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(Lead photo by Vince Miller@vmillerphoto)