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Emma Janousek was feeling it from deep Saturday night for the Pacific Lutheran University women's basketball team against its cross-town rivals.

Janousek, a guard who hails from Arlington High School, banked in two shots from near-halfcourt - one behind the line, and the other just inside it - to close out both quarters of the first half against the University of Puget Sound at Memorial Fieldhouse.

She took an inbounds pass and let it fly along the right sideline from 65 feet - and it went in at the end of the opening quarter to cut the Loggers' lead to 15-8.

And to close out the first half, she came off a pick and took another pass along the right sideline and fired off a 40-footer against two UPS defenders that banked home.

It was the only two 3-pointers Janousek made in eight attempts in the game. UPS won, 72-60.

(photo and video courtesy of PLU athletics)