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Blake Conley Union Q/A

Blake Conley 



  1. Are you superstitious 

I am not but my assistant Coach Todd Spike is. Because of that, we have a lot of rituals that we follow. It has been contagious so the players and even coach’s wives have adopted some of his craziness. 

  1. What sports books/movies are your favorite? 

Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, Miracle at St. Anthonys (book)

  1. What is one word you hope your former athletes use to describe you? 


  1. What do you believe is the proper role of parents when it comes to high school sports? 

Love their child first and foremost. Let them know that their self-worth as a person has no connections to their performance on the court. Help their child build character and see the benefits of sports no matter what role their child has on their team. 

  1. What was your most memorable moment as a coach? 

Beating Richland on a last second shot in the semi-finals. The elation and joy that my players had is something I’ll always remember. 

  1. Biggest challenge as a high school coach? 

Many coaches would say parents but I’ve been blessed with an amazing and supportive group of parents the last six years. The biggest challenge is the time it takes to run a program the right way while making sure your family and career do not take a back seat. Finding that balance is a challenge for sure. 

  1. Who is the best player you’ve seen at the high school level in Washington? 

Adam Morrison and Michael Porter Jr

  1. Why did you get into coaching?

I saw the positive and lasting impact that a coach can have on young adults and felt called to it. We coaches get to be around our athletes in an environment where there are so many peaks and valleys. Being able to have all the teachable moments to help make them better young adults is a great responsibility and if done the right way, can change a young man’s life.