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Top South Texas high school football players: Meet the 20 best wide receivers

From McAllen's Max Albarez to Texas A&M commit Ernest Campbell, South Texas is loaded wit pass-catchers
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As the Texas high school football season roars on, SBLive continues its look at the top players across the state by position and region.

We identified the top 20 quarterbacks in each region, starting in North Texas, then Central Texas, South Texas, East Texas, Southeast Texas and West Texas.

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Then we moved to running backs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the rest of North Texas, then the top 20 in Central Texas, South Texas, East Texas and the Houston area/Southeast Texas.

Now onto wide receivers. After scouring North Texas for the 20 best pass-catchers, we're moving to South Texas. 

Here are 20 receivers to consider, spanning schools of all sizes across the entire region of South Texas — from Laredo, Brownsville, to Corpus Christi and everything in between.


Lead photo by Blake Purcell