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BYU, Oregon and Texas.

With a decision expected at the end of the month, those are the major contenders for Laguna Beach (California) four-star prospect Ryner Swanson, the nation's No. 9 tight end.

Following a trip to Texas earlier this month, the 6-foot-5, 230-pound pass-catcher took an official visit to Eugene this weekend and was blown away by the experience - with only Monday's BYU official visit scheduled before Swanson makes his decision.

"Texas put on a show, Oregon put on a freaking crazy show and I know that BYU won't be as flashy as Oregon, that's for sure," he said. "It's not all about football and flash, it's about where I'll be happiest and where the spirit directs me. I'm excited for BYU and it'll be interesting to see where I go."

Swanson admits Oregon will be tough to beat following this weekend's trip.

"The vibe fit me more at Oregon," he said. "They definitely included my family. It was more family-oriented at Oregon. I just loved the vibe, I love the coaches. I met some of the players and I'd say Oregon was a really good fit for me. Texas, I don't know. But I think Oregon is in the lead." 

Still, the Cougars will get the last visit with a chance to claim the top spot this week.

"BYU was always my dream school," he said. "My parents have always wanted me to go there. But with all of these schools knocking on my door it has changed and my parents have been supportive. If BYU doesn't wow me... not wow... if I don't have a good feeling about BYU, I think Oregon will probably be the winner." 

Fresh off a visit to Eugene, Swanson made it clear that all three of his finalists remain very much in play.

He expects it will be a very tough decision when he finally whittles it down to one. 

Swanson intends to graduate in January, attend one year of college, then take a two-year LDS mission before returning to school.

"It's kind of funky, but that's how my parents want me to do it," he said. "I think that's a good way to do it to get some life experience." 

One major hurdle he'll soon clear? The life-altering decision of making his college decision. 

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