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During his weekend visit to the University of Oregon, class of 2024 Yelm High School (Washington) linebacker Isaiah Patterson had a chance to sit down with Oregon defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi.

The duo got to know each other a little bit and discussed how Patterson would be used in Oregon's scheme.

Then, toward the end of the conversation Lupoi asked the 6-foot-2, 220-pound 'backer to see him before he left.

After a brief meeting with inside linebacker coach Jake Long, Patterson circled back to Lupoi.

"Right before I was getting ready to leave, (Long) went to go get Coach Lupoi and they both stood in front me, talked for a bit, then said they really like me as player and what I could do on the field and I have a place in their program," he said. "Then there was silence and I said, 'Wait, does that mean what I think it does?' and they said, 'Yes, we'd like to offer you a full-ride scholarship to the University of Oregon.'" 

Patterson was floored.

"It kind of just felt like the world slowed down around me," he said. "It was surreal and more amazing than I ever imagined it would be. I started to just smile and fill with joy. Then I gave coach Lupoi and Coach Long a big hug and just tried to come back down afterward."

The Washington product said his first major offer made all of the work worth it, although he was adamant that it won't change his work ethic going forward.

"It means everything really - all the long hours ,the sleepless nights, the working myself into the ground..." he said. "It all paid off. Having the opportunity to go to college on full scholarship is so amazing and important to me." 

 Patterson said he is talking to several schools and will continue to develop those relationships while preparing with Heir Academy for his junior season.

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