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A junior college product, Hutchinson Community College defensive lineman Devonte Wyatt blossomed into a superstar at the JC level. 

After a commitment to Georgia, Wyatt was selected No. 28 overall to the Green Bay Packers. 

Here's how he was listed as a junior college prospect:


Ranking: 4-star prospect, No. 6 overall prospect, No. 3 defensive tackle

Notable: While the top-2 defensive tackles in the rankings are largely unknowns, Wyatt developed into a star. 

So far, Wyatt has been the only top JC prospect in his class to turn into a high NFL Draft pick. 

Rivals* (*high school ranking)

Ranking: 3-star prospect; No. 30 defensive tackle

Notable: Wyatt signed with Georgia coming out of high school, then returned to them after a JC stint. 


Ranking: 3-star prospect; No. 49 defensive tackle 

Notable: A three-star prospect coming out of high school, Wyatt developed into a star and returned to the Bulldogs.

Senior season highlights