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Forest Grove dethrones Thurston for Oregon girls wrestling title

Led by undefeated 190-pound state champion Ella Taplin, the Vikings won the first team title in school history.
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Led by undefeated 190-pound state champion Ella Taplin, the Forest Grove girls wrestling team won the first team title in school history Thursday night at the OSAA state championships at Culver High School in Central Oregon.

Taplin, a senior, completed her senior season 31-1 by pinning Scappoose’s Anna Rintoul with 38 seconds remaining in their final, capping a dominating performance by the Vikings, whose 99 points easily topped two-time champion Thurston’s runner-up 75 total. 

The Vikings also had three wrestlers finish second in their weight class to win their first state wrestling championship of either gender. Forest Grove finished fifth at June’s Oregon Wrestling Association state tournament.

The one surprise in Forest Grove’s title run came in the 135 final, where returning state champion Makaila Takahashi lost in her bid to complete an undefeated season, losing an 8-6 decision to La Pine’s Kira Kerr.

West Linn junior Destiny Rodriguez, perhaps the most heralded wrestler (boy or girl) in the state, continued down the road to becoming a four-time champion, wrapping up her third title with a 61-second pin of Tualatin’s Madi Randels in the 155 final.

Rodriguez was one of five wrestlers to win back-to-back titles Thursday, including two who defeated another returning champion to remain on top.

In the 120 final, Cleveland junior Haley Vann pinned North Medford junior Estella Gutches in 56 seconds to complete a 25-0 season. The next match featured returning champions Ayana Medina of Hillsboro and Sophia Redwine of Newberg, with the Spartans senior coming out on top 12-3 to finish the season 21-0.

Also repeating as state champions were Thurston junior Kaylee Annis at 105 and Oregon City senior Bella Amaro at 140.

The Colts also saw Averie Stockwell complete an undefeated season with a second-round pin of Forest Grove’s Jasmine Hopkins in the 145 final to stave off Hillsboro and Tillamook for second place in the standings.

The Spartans won their first team trophy since the debut OSAA state meet in 2019 by placing third, led by state champions Medina and junior Alice Rickett at 130. The Cheesemakers’ fourth-place trophy is the first for the girls program, with senior Jennifer Delatorre pinning former champion Anna McDougal of Central Linn in the 170 final for their first individual titlist.

Chelo Garcia of Siletz Valley/Eddyville Charter kicked off the evening with a first-round pin of McKay’s Sarahi Chavez in the 100 final. Other champions were West Albany junior Ariana Martinez (110), Sweet Home senior Paige Chafin (115) and Grant Union freshman Mallory Lusco (235). 

Championship and Placing Matches

100 Pounds

Championship — Chelo Garcia (Siletz Valley/Eddyville Charter) 15-0, Jr. over Sarahi Chavez (McKay) 27-3, Fr. (Fall 1:36).

3rd Place — Polly Olliff (Dallas) 14-2, Fr. over Hannah Erz (Central Linn) 20-7, Sr. (Fall 3:51).

5th Place — Kendra Jamison (Sweet Home) 26-8, Jr. over Hailey Lakin (Redmond) 15-8, So. (Fall 1:58).


Championship — Kaylee Annis (Thurston) 13-0, Jr. over Richi Campbell (West Albany) 23-2, Sr. (Fall 3:04).

3rd Place — Sienna Caruso (Crater) 17-4, Jr. over Kate Leonard (St. Helens) 24-6, So. (Dec 4-3).

5th Place — Izselle Mercado (Glencoe) 11-5, Jr. over Yamilet Claudio Marquez (Glencoe) 13-7, Jr. (Fall 2:21).


Championship — Ariana Martinez (West Albany) 32-1, Jr. over Analise Smith (Bend) 18-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:56 (15-0)).

3rd Place — Valeria Echevarria (Riverside) 19-4, Sr. over Ashley Wilis (St. Helens) 23-7, Sr. (Fall 3:14).

5th Place — Destiny Weaver (Glendale) 14-3, Fr. over Natalie De Leon (Hillsboro) 14-7, Jr. (Fall 4:50).


Championship — Paige Chafin (Sweet Home) 28-1, Sr. over Courtney Hall (Scappoose) 35-5, Jr. (Fall 1:22).

3rd Place — Arianne Korish (Mountain View) 19-5, Jr. over Hayleigh Dukes (Klamath Union) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 10-5).

5th Place — Delia Gulzow (La Grande) 27-6, Jr. over Ryan Sou (Taft) 19-6, Sr. (Fall 1:33).


Championship — Haley Vann (Cleveland) 25-0, Jr. over Estella Gutches (North Medford) 15-1, Jr. (Fall 0:56).

3rd Place — MaKenna Duran (Crook County) 14-3, So. over Destiny Cowans (Springfield) 18-4, Jr. (Fall 2:55).

5th Place — Emilia Correa Artiaga (Century) 17-8, Sr. over Terese Korpela (St. Helens) 25-9, Jr. (Fall 2:33).


Championship — Ayana Medina (Hillsboro) 21-0, Sr. over Sophia Redwine (Newberg) 15-2, Sr. (MD 12-3).

3rd Place — Miah Egner (Crescent Valley) 27-5, Sr. over Klaira Flatt (Toledo) 17-2, Sr. (SV-1 6-4).

5th Place — Julietta Leal (La Pine) 32-6, Jr. over Kaili Kirkhart (Oakridge) 10-4, So. (SV-1 9-7).


Championship — Alice Rickett (Hillsboro) 21-2, Jr. over Kennedy Blanton (Forest Grove) 33-5, Fr. (Fall 2:34).

3rd Place — Kristal Zamora (Thurston) 16-3, Fr. over MacKenzie Shearon (Redmond) 28-3, Fr. (Fall 5:00).

5th Place — Arianna Brown (Tillamook) 15-2, Sr. over Hannah Hernandez (Ontario) 13-7, So. (Fall 3:58).


Championship — Kira Kerr (La Pine) 31-2, Jr. over Makaila Takahashi (Forest Grove) 30-1, Sr. (Dec 8-6).

3rd Place — Faliscity Murphy Snider (Tillamook) 9-1, Fr. over Dana Glasser (Estacada) 13-4, Sr. (Fall 3:11).

5th Place — Hayden Muller (Siuslaw) 16-5, Sr. over Marlene Ramirez (McKay) 20-9, Sr. (Fall 0:28).


Championship — Bella Amaro (Oregon City) 13-0, Sr. over Brielle Brick (Creswell) 15-2, Sr. (Dec 5-4).

3rd Place — Ava Collins (Vale) 13-3, So. over Isabella Prinslow (North Medford) 17-6, Jr. (Fall 3:56).

5th Place — Megan Peterson (Hidden Valley) 18-4, So. over Jessie Mclver (Bend) 14-7, So. (Fall 1:47).


Championship — Averie Stockwell (Thurston) 17-0, Sr. over Jasmine Hopkins (Forest Grove) 30-4, Jr. (Fall 3:16).

3rd Place — Emma Johnson (Centennial) 22-4, Sr. over Bailey Grecco (Crater) 12-5, Sr. (Fall 3:23).

5th Place — Icela Sanchez Rodriguez (North Salem) 18-4, Jr. over Riley Allison (La Pine) 28-9, So. (Fall 1:06).


Championship — Destiny Rodriguez (West Linn) 21-0, Jr. over Madi Randels (Tualatin) 11-2, So. (Fall 1:01).

3rd Place — Zoey Smalley (Douglas) 19-1, Sr. over Reese Lawson (West Salem) 16-4, So. (M. For.).

5th Place — Sage Teixeira (Eagle Point) 14-6, Sr. over Vida Boskovic (Roosevelt) 20-5, Jr. (Fall 2:58).


Championship — Jennifer Delatorre (Tillamook) 13-0, Sr. over Anna McDougal (Central Linn) 35-4, Sr. (Fall 4:00).

3rd Place — Alixia Hernandez (Eagle Point) 13-4, Fr. over Cambria Funk (St. Helens) 17-5, Jr. (Fall 1:28).

5th Place — Jasmine Lopez (Woodburn) 19-6, Jr. over Lexli Zuriaga (Canby) 5-4, Sr. (Fall 3:55).


Championship — Ella Taplin (Forest Grove) 31-0, Sr. over Anna Rintoul (Scappoose) 25-6, Sr. (Fall 5:22).

3rd Place — Georgia Buehler (Corvallis) 16-3, Jr. over Gracie Baker (Crane) 10-4, Fr. (Fall 1:37).

5th Place — Lillyan Jaramillo (Rogue River) 4-9, So. over Olivia McCurdy (Hidden Valley) 12-5, Sr. (Fall 1:19).


Championship — Mallory Lusco (Grant Union) 16-2, Fr. over Stephanie Romero (Irrigon) 5-7, So. (Fall 3:15).

3rd Place — Faith Wooley (Liberty) 21-3, Sr. over Aryanna Albright (Elgin) 8-5, Jr. (Fall 0:54).

5th Place — Rose Williams (Centennial) 10-6, Jr. over Yared Calderon (McNary) 9-4, Sr. (Fall 2:23).

Team Scores

1, Forest Grove, 99. 2, Thurston, 75. 3, Hillsboro, 69. 4, Tillamook, 65. 5, St. Helens, 57. 6, North Medford, 53. 7, La Pine, 51. 8, Sweet Home, 49. 9, West Albany, 48.5. 10, Scappoose, 42. 11, Bend, 39. 11, Central Linn, 39. 13, Eagle Point, 37. 14, McKay, 35.5. 15, Centennial, 35.