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By Jeff Halpern | Photo by Tommy Land

Individual wrestling champions and notable runners-up from the state championships held Thursday-Saturday at the Jack Stephens Center in Little Rock.


Lillian Jones, Fayetteville, 100 pounds

Jones pinned her three opponents on her way to the state title. She pinned Riley Fazio in 49 seconds; Jocelyn Under of Rogers at 2:04 and Mackenzie Graves of Benotnville in 4:30.

Alena Williams, Cabot 108 pounds

Williams pinned her four opponents on her way to the state title. She took down Drew Spurgeon at 29 seconds; Adrienne Chasten of Bentonville West in 35 seconds; Gracie Webb of Searcy in 37 seconds and Kaleigh Smith of Rogers in 1:43.

Addison Loney, Van Buren, 116 pounds

Loney pinned her four opponents to winning the state championship. She pinned Kelly Kanaday of Little Rock Central in 15 seconds; Sarah Scroggins of Rogers in 3:18; Ka’Lyia Chism of North Little Rock in 49 seconds and Kassidy Haggard of Bentonville West in 1:52.

Katie Palmer, Fayetteville, 124 pounds

Palmer pinned all five opponents in winning the state title. Palmer took down Katya Cross of Hot Springs Lakeside in 57 seconds; Riley Allen of Maumelle Christian in 1:02; Abigail Heard of Bentonville West in 1:43; Samantha Rivas of Fort Smith Northside in 5:11 and Shelby Webb of Searcy in 1:27.

Presley Givens, Bryant, 132 pounds

Givens, the No. 1 seed, pinned her first three opponents: Nevada Berry of Fort Smith Southside in 38 seconds; Alexis Schmotzer of Van Buren at 1:23; and Hannah Keim of Central Arkansas Christian in 34 seconds. She defeated Malia Kehne of Fayetteville, 9-2 and Mykenzie Clark of Searcy, 6-0.

Byanca Cook, Springdale Har-Ber, 140 pounds

After a first-round bye, Cook pinned Michaela Gramsch of Pulaski Academy in 15 seconds and Lauren Wager of Sheridan in 1:39. She beat April Stanley of Fayetteville 4-2 and Vivi Edwards of Searcy 7-0.

Skylur Lewis, Rogers Heritage, 150 pounds

Lewis pinned four of her five opponents. She dropped Connie Compton of Conway in 42 seconds; Annabell Tedder in 25 seconds; Mary Skacel of Greenwood in 2:51 before beating Kyla Gatlin of Little Rock Central 10-0 and dropping Riley Chisum of Russellville in 2:43.

Archer Jones, Springdale Har-Ber, 165 pounds

Jones, who was the No. 4 seed, pinned her first three opponents. She dropped Katie Mendez of Fort Smith Northside in 1:05; Meghan Blakey of Cabot in 1:14; and Samantha Vazquez of Van Buren in 1:50. She beat the No. 1 seed Hailee Moore of Fayetteville, 8-3 and pinned the No. 2 seed Amelia Frounfelter of Mountain Home at 3:28.

Starr Smith, Cabot, 185 pounds

Smith, who was the No. 6 seed, pinned Alejandr Agosto, of Springdale Har-Ber at 3:07. She pinned the No. 3 seed Alissa Castro of Fayetteville at 4:35 and pinned the No. 2 seed Harley Seymore of Searcy at 1:26. She pinned Shay Allen, the No. 4 seed from Acorn at 5:48.

Shay Allen, Acorn, state-runner up 185 pounds

Allen, who was the No. 4 seed, pinned Leila Brock of Russellville at nine seconds; pinned the No. 5 seed Oliva Brown of Conway at 2:43; and pinned the No. 1 seed D’Mysha James of Sylvan Hills at 2:34.

Margaret Jordan, Fayetteville, 235 pounds

Jordan pinned her first two opponents: Charity Rogers of Greenwood at 1:51 and Sophia Fargo of Bentonville at 53 seconds. She defeated Ivana Elliot of Sylvan Hills 5-1 and Tylah Allen of Jonesboro 5-1.


Class 1A-4A

Logan Garcia, Gravette, 106 pounds

Garcia won the state title defeating his three opponents — David Guerra, Zach Johnston of Batesville and Gavin Garcia of Shiloh Christian — by fall.

Dominic Alvarado, Berryville, 113 pounds

Alvarado won his class by defeating Alex Zulpo by fall, Hunter Chatelain of Bauxite by a fall and Preston Katzer of Shiloh Christian, 17-2 (technical fall, win by 15 points).

Caleb Record, Berryville, 120 pounds

Record won his class by pinning all three of his opponents. He pinned Body Stump of Batesville at 1:04; Caleb McColumn of Mountain View at 22 seconds and Maddox Atkins of Arkadelphia at 3:42.

Jacob Solomon, Shiloh Christian, 126 pounds

Solomon won four matches to win his weight class. His first victory came over William Carlton of Pulaski Academy at 52 seconds. He defeated Lazarus Rodriguez of APCS at 31 seconds, Will Miller of Bauxite at 1:33 and Eli Adkins of Pottsville at 3:51.

Lee Roberts, Gentry, 132 pounds

Roberts pinned two of his three opponents and won his other match by a technical fall. Roberts pinned Sam Reyes at 1:53, pinned Caleb Mix of Perryville at 38 seconds, defeated Justin Allen of Berrryville 19-3 and pinned Cutter Boyce of Pottsville at 3:56.

Ryan Rogers, Arkadelphia, 138 pounds

Rogers defeated Thomas Gammill of Pulaski Academy 10-2, pinned Steve Riggs at 5:00, defeated Lakota Caldwell 8-1 and defeated Dax Widger of Shiloh Christian 8-7.

Joshua Cady, Pulaski Academy, 145 pounds

Cady pinned Tristan Jackson of Shioh Christian at 21 seconds, pinned Sean Swearengin, defeated Ty Wonder 12-4 and defeated Caden Pipes of Pottsville 10-7.

Brayden Phillips, Glen Rose, 152 pounds

Phillips pinned Jetson Busbea of Central Arkansas Christian at 56 seconds, pinned Ronan Rutherford of Pulaski Academy at 11 seconds, pinned Dakota Black of Arkadelphia at 3:12, and pinned Roland Pruden at 2:33.

Ross Womack, Arkadelphia, 160 pounds

Afer receiving a bye, Womack pinned Josiah McGee of Gravette at 46 seconds, pinned Miles Ward of Pulaski Academy at 2:26 and defeated William Brown of Shiloh Christian 10-4.

Tripp Price, Pottsville, 170 pounds

Price pinned Cade Norton of Perryville at 12 seconds, pinned Zachary Cline of Acron at 53 seconds, pinned Chase Vantiborg of Arkadelpiha at 5:51 and Joseph Osment of Pulaski Academy at 2:00.

Eli Lupton, Bauxite, 182 pounds

Lupton pinned Alex Figueroa of Bauxite at 35 seconds, pinned Noah Race of APCS at 14 seconds, pinned Alex Turkey of Arkadelphia at 5:48 and pinned Carmen Arellano of Shiloh Christian at 3:25.

Landon Kuhn, Arkadelphia, 195 pounds

After receiving a forfeit from Jonathan Dubreville of Cedarville, Kuhn defeated Case Warburton of Pulaski Academy 11-0, defeated Eduardo Galvan 9-7 and defeated Robert Lee of Bauxite 5-4.

Alex Cooper, Batesville Southside, 220 pounds

After receiving two boys, Cooper pinned Alex Anca of Pulaski Academy at 2:41, pinned Donovan Witten of Arkadelphia at 1:00 and pinned Jace Tinkle of Mountain View at 1:44.

Allen Thomason, Pulaski Academy, 285 pounds

Thomason opened the tournament with a 1-0 victory over Jakyri Scott of Arkadelphia before pinning Camarion Rain of Subiaco Academy at 2:27, beating Anthony Moats of Pottsville 3-0 and Trace Tinkle of Mountain View 4-1.

Class 5A

Shane Sickles, Searcy, 106 pounds

After receiving two boys, Sickles pinned Tennyson Hobson of Benton at 1:32 and Josh Doyle of Beebe at 1:56 before beating Dakota Fenwick of Van Buren 10-8.

Antonio Martinez, Greenwood, 113 pounds

Martinez had three byes into the semifinals where he pinned John Mara of Sylvan Hills at 3:43 and beat Xavion Floyd of Searcy, 18-8.

Shiloh Summers, Van Buren, 120 pounds

Summers received three byes into the semifinals where he pinned Jarod Pace of Greenwood at 3:50 and Justin Shaw of Jonesboro at 1:14.

Keaton Wasson, Hot Springs Lakeside, 126 pounds

Wasson pinned all four opponents on his way to winning the state title. He started off by pinning Chase Shults of El Dorado at 43 seconds. He followed by pinning Peyton West of Sheridan at 1:14, Matthew Kara of Lake Hamilton at 2:48 and Justin Maguire of Batesville at 48 seconds.

Trevor Edelen, Van Buren, 132 pounds

Edelen pinned his first three opponents on way to winning the state title. He pinned Garrett Rice of Batesville at 5:01; Davis Faggard of Little Rock Christian at 21 seconds and Elias Miller of Sylvan Hills at 1:56 before beating Alex Pena of Searcy, 4-2.

Brexton Beach, Russellville, 138 pounds

Beach pinned his first three opponents on way to victory. Beach pinned Kade Lewallen of Benton at 23 seconds; pinned Zakeri Alexander of Hot Springs at 14 seconds and Addison Pettit of Sylvan Hills at 2:50. He beat Hayden Rofkahr of Greenwood, 7-0.

Titan Jackson, Lake Hamilton, 145 pounds

Jackson received a first-round bye before pinning Jordan Cook of Little Rock Hall at 45 seconds; beating Gage McCartney of Russellville 2-1 and beating Clay Queen of Beebe 12-5.

Austin Callies, Mountain Home, 152 pounds

Callies pinned Devin Mullins of Beebe at 2:53; defeated Justin Pena-Cook of Greenwood, 7-2; defeated Plyler Oseguera of Hot Springs Lakeside, 7-1 and Hunter Hanna of Lake Hamilton 4-1.

Matthew Spencer, Sylvan Hills, 160 pounds

Spencer pinned Anthony Gomez of Searcy at 1:41; pinned Ryan Corley of Sheridan at 42 seconds; defeated Brian Gittens of Sheridan, 9-7 and defeated Joseph Pierski of Mountain Home, 4-3.

Justin Crutchmer, Lake Hamilton, 170 pounds

Crutchmer pinned Jonathan Eye of Lakeside at 2:58; received a forfeit from Hayden Cullins of Hot Springs in the second round; pined Ethyn Gibson of Russellville at 5:23 and beat Josh Handloser of Sheridan, 5-1.

Landry Beeching, Sylvan Hills, 182 pounds

Beaching received a forfeit from Asa Jeffrey of Batesville in the first round; beat Hunter Fernandez of Sheridan via technical fall, 16-1; defeated Izic Clenney of Lake Hamilton 3-2; and beat Luca Honkala of Grenwood 3-1.

Grant King, Van Buren, 195 pounds

King pinned Spencer Fox of Sheridan at 1:03; pinned Walter Hicks of Benton at 21 seconds; defeated Daniel Fitch of Beebe 9-8; and pinned Dunte Maker of El Dorado.

Tyler Crossno, Greenwood, 220 pounds

Crossno pinned Tyler Kelly of Benton at 34 seconds; pinned Ethan Easier of Maumelle at 23 seconds; defeated Kendrick Martin of Lake Hamilton 4-2 and pinned Amari Gardner of Russellville at 2:56.

Trevion Taylor, Russellville 285 pounds

Taylor pinned all of his opponents. He pinned Chase Przbysz of Van Buren at 29 seconds; pinned Easton Giggerich of Hot Springs Lakeside at 3:49; pinned Justin Richards of Lake Hamilton at 1:02 and pinned Eli Wison of Searcy at 54 seconds.

Class 6A

Ethan McCrary, Rogers Heritage, 103 pounds

After a bye in the fist round, McCrary pinned Chance Ralla of Bryant in 24 seconds; defeated Rodrigo Perez of Rogers 8-1; and defeated Luis Whisenant of Conway, 10-3.

Hudson Humphries, Little Rock Catholic, 113 pounds.

Humphries pinned all four of his opponents on his way to the title. He pinned Goddy Latdrik of Springdale at 1:07; pinned Davonte Harris of North Little Rock at 3:59; pinned Salomon Raya of Fort Smith Northside at 51 seconds and Aiden Copeland of Springdale Har-Ber at 3:56.

Zayne Lewis, Rogers Heritage, 120 pounds

Lewis won his first two matches by technical fall. He defeated Cooper Clausen of Springdale 17-2 and Blake Johnson of Cabot 15-0. He pinned Austin Ireland of Bentonville at 3:15 and Isaac Chapracki of Rogers, 9-0.

Zander Payne, Bentonville, 126 pounds

After a first-round bye, Payne pinned Victor Morales of Rogers at 1:15; defeated Jamon Ireland 6-2 and pinned Tallon Braswell of Springdale Har-Ber at 5:20.

Benjamin Smith, Bentonville, 132 pounds

Smith pinned Joshua Gonzalez Lopez at 2:47, defeated Gavin Biggerstaff of Fayetteville 11-3; pinned Trenton Evans of Springdale at 5:50 an defeated C.J. Dye of Cabot, 13-10.

Lane Parrish, Springdale Har-Ber, 138 pounds

Parrish opened with a 12-5 victory over Jesus Saldana of Fort Smith Northside; pinned Carson Schmid of Fort Smith Southside at 1:28; pinned Noah Russell of Fayetteville at 2:00 and defeated Austin Denton of Cabot 3-0.

Bruce Quayle, Springdale, 145 pounds

Quayle received a first-round bye before pinning Marcus Mounce of Rogers at 2:48; beating Logan Salas of Rogers Heritage 6-4; and pinning Connor Newell of Bentonville at 1:56.

Thomas Moralez, Bentonville, 152 pounds

Moralez pinned Adam Littell-Stager of Conway at 1:09; pinned Xavier Parker of Little Rock Central at 3:00; beat Brandon Merida of Rogers Heritage 11-1 and pinned Jayce Neugebauer of Springdale Har-Ber at 2:50.

Connor Kneeshaw, Bentonville, 160 pounds

Kneeshaw pinned Henry Martinez of Fort Smith Northside at 3:17; pinned Jonny Edwards of Rogers Heritage at 59 seconds; defeated Hunter Reynolds of Springdale Har-Ber 10-0 and defeated Johnny Mercado of Cabot 5-0.

Cole Eason, Cabot, 170 pounds

Eason pinned his first three opponents on his way to the championship. He pinned Dalton Kendrick of Fort Smith Southside at 36 seconds; Alan Reyes of Fort Smith Northside at 39 seconds; Gunner Cornelison of Sprindale at 1:28 and defeated Ty Clayton of Fayetteville 14-4.

Kaden Heintz, Bentonville West, 182 pounds

After a first-round bye, Heintz pinned Brandon Fowler of Rogers Heritage at 1:53; pinned Allen Jemison of Conway at 4:52; and defeated Bentonville’s Kenneth Lewis 6-3.

Vincent Bryan, Little Rock Central, 195 pounds

Bryan pinned his first two opponents: dropping Andrew Hernandez of Fort Smith Northside in 15 seconds; and Silas Leaver of Cabot in 38 seconds. He beat Sean Poole of Fayetteville 10-2 and Zane Garner of Rogers Heritage, 9-5.

Andrew Williamson, Bentonville, 220 pounds

Williamson pinned all fort opponents: Diego Torres of Rogers in 38 seconds; John Thompson of Conway in 3:54; Angel Sanchez of Bryant in 1:55; and Jalen Bailey of Little Rock Central in 51 seconds.

Briar Goodwin, Rogers Heritage, 285 pounds

Goodwin pinned Alex Ly of Conway in 2:14. He defeated Jadon Wilkerson of Conway 7-0; Michael Pinales of Bentonville 1-0; and Will Bevis of Cabot 3-1.