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Nebraska high school football playoff glance (11/7/2023)

Nebraska prep football schedule, results and picks
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Nebraska’s two best teams have looked the part heading into semifinals this Friday. 

Omaha Westside once again easily took care of business last Friday, dismantling Bellevue West 49-0. Millard South routed Omaha North 45-0 and hasn’t allowed a point in its first two playoff victories. 

Everything points to a Westside vs. Millard South final, a rematch of Westside’s only competitive game this season, where they won 31-14 after being up only three in the fourth quarter. 

Class A playoffs quarterfinals results 

No. 1 Omaha Westside vs. No. 9 Bellevue West: Omaha Westside 49-0

No. 5 Millard West vs. No. 13 Grand Island: Millard West 49-14

No. 3 Elkhorn South vs. No. 11 Lincoln East: Elkhorn South 24-19

No. 2 Millard South vs. No. 10 Omaha North: Millard South 45-0


Omaha Westside vs. Millard West; Elkhorn South vs. Millard South. Our picks: Omaha Westside, Millard South

Class B playoffs quarterfinals results

No. 1 Bennington vs. No. 9 Norris: Bennington 23-20

No. 5 Elkhorn North vs. No. 13 Scottsbluff: Elkhorn North 35-16

No. 3 Skutt Catholic vs. No. 11 Blair: Skutt Catholic 30-28

No. 10 Hastings vs. No. 2 Waverly: Waverly 45-21


Bennington vs. Elkhorn North; Skutt Catholic vs. Waverly. Our picks: Elkhorn North, Waverly

Class C1 playoffs quarterfinals results

No. 1 Wahoo vs. No. 8 Broken Bow: Wahoo 12-7

No. 5 Pierce vs. No. 4 Sidney: Sidney 41-34

No. 3 Ashland-Greenwood vs. No. 6 Adams Central: Ashland-Greenwood 34-8

No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 2 Boone Central; Boone Central 56-7


Wahoo vs. Sidney; Ashland-Greenwood vs. Boone Central. Our picks: Sidney, Boone Central

Class C2 playoffs quarterfinals results

No. 1 Norfolk Catholic vs. No. 8 Kearney Catholic: Norfolk Catholic 55-7

No. 5 Malcolm vs. No. 4 Fillmore Central: Fillmore Central 30-20

No. 3 Ord vs. No. 6 Mitchell: Ord 47-21

No. 10 Yutan vs. No. 2 Oakland-Craig: Yutan 28-6


Norfolk Catholic vs. Fillmore Central; Ord vs. Yutan. Our picks: Norfolk Catholic, Ord

Class D1 playoffs quarterfinals results

No. 1 Stanton vs. No. 8 Arapahoe: Stanton 58-28

No. 5 Sandy Creek vs. No. 4 Cross County: Sandy Creek 44-24

No. 3 Crofton vs. No. 11 Elkhorn Valley: Crofton 64-22

No. 7 EMF vs. North Platte St. Patrick’s: EMF 44-28


Stanton vs. Sandy Creek; Crofton vs. EMF. Our picks: Stanton, Crofton

Class D2 Playoffs quarterfinals results

No. 1 Johnson-Brock vs No. 8 Sandhills/Thedford: Sandhills/Thedford 60-28

No. 5 Central Valley vs. No. 4 South Loup: South Loup 28-22

No. 3 Dundy County Stratton vs. No. 11 Howells-Dodge: Howells-Dodge 36-28

No. 7 Humphrey St. Francis vs. No. 2 Wynot: Wynot 34-12


Sandhills/Thedford vs. South Loup; Howells-Dodge vs. Wynot. Our picks: Sandhills/Thedford, Howells-Dodge

Class D6 playoffs quarterfinals results

No. 1 Sumner-Eddyville-Miller vs. No. 9 Stuart: SEM 28-7

No. 5 Wilcox-Hildreth vs. No. 4 Pawnee City: Wilcox-Hildreth 33-14

No. 3 Potter-Dix vs. No. 6 Parkview Christian: Parkview Christian 51-0

No. 7 Hay Springs vs No. 2 Arthur County: Hay Springs 58-49


SEM vs Wilcox Hildreth; Parkview Christian vs. Hay Springs. Our picks: SEM, Parkview Christian