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One pylon dive followed by one inadvertent dive in front of Utah coach Kyle Whittingham

Timpview running back goes Beast Mode into the end zone, then banana-peel mode in front of the longest-tenured Pac-12 coach

Micah Beckstead had a touchdown run so ovation-worthy Friday night that it required an encore.

The Timpview (Utah) running back refused to go down on a tackler-dragging run to the end zone, finally diving for the pylon for six points.

But he followed that up with a second dive, this time an inadvertent one at the feet of a very important sideline spectator:

While celebrating with a teammate, Beckstead tripped and fell right in front of Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham, the longest-tenured coach in the Pac-12.

Whittingham had a good laugh at the second dive and had to be impressed with the first one.

Timpview had an easy 35-7 lead early in the fourth quarter of a second-round playoff game against East at Mountain View High School in Orem.  

Four-star Timpview offensive lineman Spencer Fano announced earlier Friday that he'd be making his college choice Dec. 6, and his hometown Utes are on the short list of contenders.

(Photo by Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)