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GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines announces his retirement

A successor is expected to be in place by August 1st

Despite signing a three year extension last May, Georgia High School Association Executive Director Robin Hines announced on Wednesday that he is stepping down from his post effective at the end of the current school year.

Hines broke the news at the conclusion of Wednesday's GHSA executive committee meeting and later provided comments on his decision to Georgia High School Football Daily.

“My kids have been pushing for this for a couple of years,” Hines told GHSF Daily. “My grandchildren are getting older. They’re involved in youth sports. I yearn to be a part of that.”

GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines.

GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines.

Hines, who has served in the post for the past seven years, also indicated that the three-and-a-half hour commute from his family's new home in Lake Hartwell was also factor in his decision.

Hines indicated he is willing to stay in his post until August 1 and even beyond, if necessary, to help the association find and onboard his replacement. He is only the sixth executive director in the history of the GHSA dating back to 1946.