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Scorebook Live California’s Connor Morrissette makes his LA City Section football picks every Thursday during the high school football season. He takes a shot at predicting Week 6 games below.

Narbonne vs. San Pedro

Narbonne has been in a league of its own for years now and 2019 is no different. It's a shame this battle between two top five City teams will most likely end in a blowout.

The pick: Narbonne

Birmingham vs. El Camino Real

Birmingham will have DB’s Jeremiah Cox and Allonzo Regalato eligible as well as wide receiver Tyler Smith with the transfer sit out period over. They'll provide important depth as the season progresses. They'll also be excited to make actual plays on Friday nights instead of only in practice.

The pick: Birmingham

Westchester vs. Palisades

Westchester is still without starting quarterback Jeliun Carter due to a knee injury. That gives Pali a big advantage.

The pick: Palisades

Chatsworth vs. Cleveland

Cleveland's Kariem Muhammad rushed for over 200 yards last week in a defeat to San Pedro, a top five City team. That's bad news for Chatsworth.

The pick: Cleveland

Torres vs. Lincoln

This Northern League opener will be a close one. CalPreps predicts Lincoln to win by a field goal. Torres can't let Lincoln sophomore running back Andre Watkins get loose.

The pick: Lincoln

Washington Prep vs. Manual Arts

Manual Arts plays at home Friday and is in Division 2. Prep's away and in Division 3. When the game looks close on paper, I usually go with the team in the better division.

The pick: Manual Arts

Overall record: 32-14