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St. Thomas Aquinas defeats Bloomingdale: Live score updates; FHSAA 6A girls basketball state championship (3/9/2024)

Refresh this post repeatedly for Live Updates from the Florida Class 6A girls basketball state championship game

LAKELAND, FLORIDA – The state championship is on the line as St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale) and Bloomingdale (Valrico) clash in a FHSAA Class 6A girls basketball state title contest at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland Saturday afternoon. 

The FHSAA 6A Girls Basketball Championship Game will take place at the RP Funding Center with a slated tip-off scheduled for 12:30 p.m. today. 


Follow this post throughout the evening, refreshing constantly for Live Scoring updates.

Below is our Live Update Feed created and updated as the contest progresses. Read from the bottom up to follow the action chronologically from beginning to end.


- St. Thomas Aquinas 70, Bloomingdale 35, FINAL

- Aquinas looks like they're taking out their starters with 2:27 left 

- Aquinas' lead now at 67-29 with 2:49 left in the game 

- Aquinas leads 60-25 with 5:29 remaining 


- end of the third quarter: St. Thomas Aquinas 50, Bloomingdale 23 

- Aquinas continues to dominate the afternoon, leading 50-20 

- Johnson scores on a layup, Aquinas 48-18 

- Corporan with the bucket, 46-16 

- Aquinas leads 44-16 with 5:52 remaining in the quarter 


- HALFTIME: St. Thomas Aquinas 39, Bloomingdale 14 

- Corporan with another basket, Aquinas 37-12 

- Corporan with the mayup, Aquinas dominating up 35-12 

- Ka-zahria Johnson with the putback plus the foul, Aquinas 33-12 

- Harrington at the line makes 1-of-2, Aquinas 30-12 

- Harrington hits another 3-pointer, Aquinas 29-12 

- Harrington knocks down a 3-pointer, Aquinas 26-10 

- Aquinas leads 23-9 with 5:49 remaining in the quarter 


- end of the first quarter: St. Thomas Aquinas 20, Bloomingdale 9

- Corporan scores on back to back layups, Aquinas 20-9 

- Harrington scores on a short jumper, Aquinas 16-9 

- Khadee Hession scores a layup, Aquinas 14-8 

- Izellah Kendrick makes 1-of-2 free throws, Aquinas 12-8 

- Kalia Harrington and Jaelyn Cordova both hit 3-pointers, Aquinas 10-5  

- Jatia Markes makes 1-of-2 free throws, 5-4 Bloomingdale 

- Mya Johnson with the putback for the Raiders, 4-4 

-  Kamryn Corporan with the first basket of the game for Aquinas, 2-0 


- Tip-off is scheduled for 12:30 p.m.