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Zay Flowers investigation: Alleged victim reported 'violent domestic incident'

A third person at the scene, reportedly, drew a firearm

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun, Tuesday, the investigation involving Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Zay Flowers, a former prep star at Florida’s NSU Unversity High, was sparked by a report of a “violent domestic incident” to the Acton (Massachusetts) Police Department.

The alleged incident was reported to have taken place in Owings Mills, Maryland on January 16.

The Sun reported that the alleged victim wouldn’t name the other person involved but described him as an NFL player. Acton Police the shared the news with Baltimore County Police and informed them they believed the other person involved was Flowers.

Further details from the Sun's reporting stated that the alleged victim was “physically assaulted” and left with multiple bruises. The paper learned these details from a source who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. The source also revealed that the alleged victim also reported the presence of a third individual who allegedly drew a firearm during the incident.

In addition to the source, the Sun reported on Baltimore County Police dispatch audio from the morning of Jan. 16 which revealed that a woman called 911 crying and “seemed in distress.” She then hung up, according to archived radio traffic accessed through the Broadcastify website.

The call reportedly came from an address in the same building where Flowers owns a townhouse, a couple of miles from the Ravens training facility.

That Sun stated that it has not been able to obtain the 911 call as those records “are part and parcel to an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation.”

The Sun also sought to obtain relevant records from Acton Police, the department in Massachusetts. While the department confirmed it had one report involving Flowers, it said it could not release it or say whether the agency was investigating, citing the state’s Domestic Violence Act of 2014.

It is important to note that, at this point, Flowers nor anyone involved has been charged with a crime. Baltimore County Police also confirmed that he has not been named a suspect. A department spokesperson did say the investigation “into whether a crime has occurred” is still ongoing.