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FHSAA conducting a public survey about bringing NIL to Florida

Could NIL be coming for high school sports in the Sunshine State?

The first thing about knowing if you want something state-wide is finding out who would all be for it. 

On Wednesday, the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) sent out a social media feeler to the public by asking for their help. 

That assistance would come by way of taking a survey in asking about the prospect of bringing NIL to high school sports to the Sunshine State. The association sent out a post via X, formerly known as Twitter, asking for feedback in regards to NIL coming to Florida. 

The survey has the following questions down below in regards to NIL: 

Should NIL be permissible for high school student-athletes in the state of Florida?

Should there be a cap on how much a student-athlete can earn per year?

If you selected yest to the question above, what is the maximum amount a student-athlete should be able to earn per year?

Who should be allowed to provide an NIL deal? 

(multiple choice answers below)

* National Brands

* Community Based Businesses 

* School Boosters 

* Anyone 

Would you be willing to complete NIL educational materials if NIL is approved for student-athletes? 

Do you believe allowing NIL deals in high school interscholastic athletics will affect your school's athlete or academic programs? 

Back in October, Georgia became the 30th state, including the District of Columbia, to approve name, image, likeness (NIL) for student athletes, and it seemed like not a matter of if but when it would trickle throughout the rest of the Southeast region. 

Florida is one of the 20 states throughout the country that has yet to approve allowing NIL deals for student athletes. Among other notables in the Southeast region are Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and South Carolina. 

The FHSAA doesn't meet again for a board meeting until next month, but it's believed that NIL will be on the agenda of topics for the association to discuss. 

-- Andy Villamarzo | | @sblivefl