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Coach Corey Miller talks about why he moved on from San Pedro football: 'It was time to go'

Miller coached for 28 seasons at San Pedro. He spent 22 years as an assistant and the last six as head coach.

San Pedro head football coach Corey Miller announced his resignation earlier this month. Miller coached at the school for 28 years and was head coach of the Pirates for the last six. He won five L.A. City titles in that span. Although Miller won't be on the sidelines this upcoming season, he will stay on as a PE teacher at San Pedro.

Miller spoke with SBLive reporter Connor Morrissette about why it was time to step aside, his favorites memories as a coach and much more.

Morrissette: You started as an assistant coach at San Pedro in 1993 and have been head coach for the past six seasons. Why was it the right time for you resign?

Miller: When you know you know. I knew it was time to go. My son plays football [at Peninsula] and I'd like to watch him play. That was a key factor also. It's been a great ride. It's been a great journey. 

Morrissette: What are some of your favorite memories from coaching at San Pedro?

Miller: Oh my goodness. Over 28 years, there are tons. Playing in the Coliseum multiple times is always a joy. Any time you make it to a final, win or lose, is always a great opportunity. And just being with the kids. The greatest thing for me has never been about wins or the losses or the X's and O's. It was always about seeing kids become quality citizens and great husbands and fathers. To me, that's always been the number one thing.

Morrissette: It can be a challenge at times to coach in LAUSD. Why'd you choose to stick around for so long?

Miller: Well I'm a San Pedro alum. I'm born and raised here. I was blessed to get a job here and to give back to the community which gave to me growing up. It's been a blessing, but it's a grind to coach in LAUSD as you know. 

Morrissette: What's been the most fulfilling part of your coaching career?

Miller: It's the great group of coaches we've had over the years here at San Pedro, guys who have stuck together and are alums like myself. Being able to work with gentlemen who have the same passion and vision as you. That's always been great. Now I've got kids coming through and I coached their fathers. It's definitely come full circle in that regard.

Morrissette: You'll be watching your son this fall. Will you plan on watching San Pedro too as a fan?

Miller: Yes, I'm going to be a fan. I'll be a fan and whoever comes in and takes over, I will be a sounding board if they want. I'm always there to help whenever I can. I'll still be on staff teaching PE so if they need some equipment moved to the field or what have you, I'm always willing to lend a hand in that regard. In terms of any hands on coaching, I won't be doing that for the next couple years. That's for sure. 

Morrissette: Do you ever see yourself coaching again?

Miller: You know what, I'll tell you this. I know deep down in my heart, I'll never be a head coach again. I'd love to jump in and coach a position eventually or something maybe down the road. Who knows. Being a head coach is a whole different animal.