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Head coach panel


All 13 coaches went on stage to discuss various topics midway through the day. The panel began with the coaches hitting on the region's high school baseball culture.

"The best baseball that's played is in Southern California," Huntington Beach head coach Benji Madure said.

The conversation then switched to groundskeeping and the coaches discussed what makes a field look good.

"Fertilizer, sun, grass, water and over-seeding," El Dorado head coach Matt Lucas said. He then went on to discuss how he loves competing with other coaches to see who has the best field, which brought out some laughs.

Mira Costa head coach Keith Ramsey added that it's important to have parents who are hands on and help fundraise because it is expensive to maintain a field.

The panel ended with coaches discussing their distaste for the current Southern Section playoff format. The coaches don't like how the playoffs are single elimination. They want series like there are at the higher levels.