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High school basketball playoffs: Start dates in every state, 2023 bracket updates

From Alabama to Wyoming, here is the skinny on playoff, championship schedules in 2022 in each state — and one district

High school basketball playoffs are underway in Texas, Ohio, California, and many more state tournaments are in progress, while many states have crowned champions.

Here is an update on each playoff and championship schedule in each state, as well as Washington D.C., in alphabetical order.

This post will be updated. Check back throughout the winter 2023 postseason as more brackets are released.


Boys playoffs started: Feb. 14 (sub-regional round)

Girls playoffs started: Feb. 16 (regional semifinals)

State championships: March 4

AHSAA girls state tournament bracket

AHSAA boys state tournament bracket


1A/2A playoffs start: March 15-18

1A/2A state championships: March 18

3A/4A playoffs start: March 22-25

3A/4A state championships: March 25


Playoffs started: Feb. 8 (Open Division, 1A), Feb. 14 (4A, 5A, 6A), Feb. 15 (3A), Feb. 17 (2A).

State championships: Feb. 18 (1A), Feb. 25 (2A, 3A), March 2 (4A), March 3 (5A), March 4 (6A).

AIA playoffs streaming link (NFHS Network)


Playoffs start: Regionals (Feb. 22-25), state (Feb. 28-March 4)

State championships: March 4

AAA playoff bracket central


Central Section

Playoffs started: Feb. 14 (girls), Feb. 15 (boys)

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

Central Coast Section

Playoffs start: Feb. 17 (girls), Feb. 18 (boys).

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

L.A. City Section

Playoffs started: Feb. 7 (girls), Feb. 8 (boys).

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

North Coast Section

Playoffs started: Feb. 14

Section championships: Feb. 24-25

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

Northern Section

Playoffs start: Feb. 14 (Division 4, 5 girls; Division 7 boys), Feb. 15 (Division 5 boys; Division 6, 7 girls), Feb. 16 (Division 4, 6 boys; Division 3 girls), Feb. 17 (Division 3 boys)

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

Sac-Joaquin Section

Playoffs start: Feb. 14 (girls), Feb. 15 (boys).

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

San Diego Section

Playoffs start: Feb. 15-23

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

Southern Section

Playoffs started: Feb. 8 (boys), Feb. 9 (girls)

Boys bracket | Girls bracket

State Playoffs

Regional championships: Feb. 28-March 7

State championships: March 10-11

CIF boys basketball playoff brackets

CIF girls basketball playoff brackets


Playoffs start: March 9-11.

State championships: March 11


Playoffs start: March 6 (Division I, II, V), March 7 (Division II, IV).

State championships: March 18-19.


Not available

Delaware high school basketball scoreboard


Regionals round started: Feb. 16

Playoffs start: March 1-4

State championships: March 4

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

Florida high school basketball scoreboard

NFHS Network stream link (semifinals only)


Playoffs started: Feb. 21-22

State championships: March 10 (girls), March 11 (boys).

Georgia high school basketball scoreboard

Boys bracketsGirls brackets


Playoffs started: Jan. 30 (Division I girls), Feb. 1 (Division I girls), Feb. 6 (Division I boys), Feb. 8 (Division 2 boys).

State championships: Feb. 3 (Division I girls), Feb. 4 (Division II girls), Feb. 10 (Division I, II boys).

Division I girls bracket

Division II girls bracket

Division I boys bracket

Division II boys bracket


Playoffs started: Feb. 16-18 (girls), March 2-4 (boys).

State championships: Feb. 18 (girls), March 4 (boys).

IHSAA state girls playoff brackets

IHSAA state girls basketball preview: schedules, scouting reports, predictions


Playoffs started: March 2-4 (girls), March 9-11 (boys)

State championships: March 4 (girls), March 11 (boys)

Illinois high school basketball scoreboard

Girls brackets


Playoffs started: Girls — semi-state semifinals, semi-state finals (Feb. 18); boys — sectionals (Feb. 28), regionals (March 11), semi-states (March 18).

State championships: Feb. 25 (girls), March 15 (boys)

IHSAA girls state playoff brackets

IHSAA boys state bracket reveal show (Feb. 19)


Playoffs start: March 6-11

State championships: March 11

Iowa high school basketball coverage

Girls brackets


Playoffs start: March 8-11

State championships: March 11

More info via KSHSAA


Playoffs start: March 8-9 (girls), March 15-16 (boys)

State championships: March 11 (girls), March 18 (boys)

Kentucky high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs started: Feb. 14 (boys), Feb. 16 (girls)

State championships: March 3-4

Louisiana high school basketball scoreboard

LHSAA girls basketball playoff brackets

LHSAA boys basketball playoff bracket


Playoffs started: Feb. 18

State championships: March 4


Playoffs start: March 9

State championships: March 11

Maryland high school basketball scoreboard

Massachusetts (tentative)

Playoffs start: Feb. 27-March 1

State championships: March 17-19

Massachusetts high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs start: March 7 (girls), March 13 (boys)

State championships: March 18 (girls), March 25 (boys)

Michigan high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs start: Girls — March 15 (Class AA, AAA, AAA), March 16 (A); Boys — March 21 (AA, AAA, AAAA), March 22 (A).

State championships: Girls — March 18 (Class A, AA, AAA, AAAA); Boys — March 25 (A, AA, AAA, AAAA).

Minnesota high school basketball scoreboard


Mississippi High School Activities Association

Playoffs started: Feb. 13 (girls), Feb. 14 (boys).

State championships: March 3 (girls), March 4 (boys).

MHSAA boys basketball playoff brackets

MHSAA girls basketball playoff brackets

Midsouth Association of Independent Schools

Playoffs started: Feb. 6

State championships: March 1

MAIS basketball calendar


Playoffs start: Boys — Feb. 27 (Class 1, 2, 3), March 6 (Class 4), March 10 (Class 5, 6). Girls — Feb. 28 (1, 2, 3), March 7 (Class 4), March 1 (Class 5, 6).

State championships: Boys — March 10 (Class 1), March 11 (Class 2, 3), March 17 (Class 4), March 18 (Class 5, 6); Girls — March 10 (Class 1), March 11 (Class 2, 3), March 17 (Class 4), March 18 (Class 5, 6).

Missouri high school basketball scoreboard

Missouri high school basketball coverage


Playoffs start: March 8 (Combined C); March 9 (Combined AA, Combined A, Combined B).

State championships: March 11 (Combined AA, Combined A, Combined B, Combined C).

Montana high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs start: March 1 (girls), March 8 (boys).

State championships: March 4 (girls), March 11 (boys).

Nebraska high school scoreboard

Nebraska high school basketball coverage


Playoffs started: Feb. 23 (1A), Feb. 24 (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A).

State championships: Feb. 25 (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A).

Nevada high school sports coverage

New Hampshire

Playoffs started: Feb. 14 (Division III)

State championships: Feb. 25 (Division III)

New Jersey

Playoffs started: Feb. 20 (Group 1, 3), Feb. 21 (Group 2, 4), Feb. 22 (non-public).

State championships: March 4

New Jersey high school basketball coverage

Nationally ranked Camden pulled from New Jersey state tournament after brawl

New Mexico

Playoffs start: Girls — March 7 (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A), March 8 (1A); Boys — March 8 (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A).

State championships: Girls — March 10 (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A), March 11 (1A); Boys — March 11 (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A).

NMAA basketball homepage

New York

Catholic High School League

Playoffs started: Feb. 21 (A), Feb. 22 (B), Feb. 24 (AA).

State championships: March 3 (A, B), March 12 (AA).

New York State Public High School Association

Playoffs start: TBA

State championships: March 18 (Class A, C), March 19 (Class B, D)

New York high school basketball scoreboard

North Carolina

North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Playoffs started: Feb. 21

State championships: March 11

North Carolina Association of Independent Schools

Playoffs started: Feb. 14

State championships: Feb. 25

North Carolina high school basketball coverage

Boys bracketsGirls brackets

North Dakota

Playoffs start: Girls — March 2 (Class B), March 9 (Class A); boys — March 9 (Class A), March 16 (Class B).

State championships: Girls — March 4 (Class B), March 11 (Class A); boys — March 11 (Class A), March 18 (Class B).

North Dakota high school basketball scoreboard

North Dakota high school sports coverage


Playoffs start: Girls — Feb. 28 (Division I, II), March 1 (Division III, IV); boys — March 7 (Division IV), March 8 (Division III), March 9 (Division II), March 8 (Division I).

State championships: Boys — March 11 (Division I), March 19 (Division II, III, IV); Girls — March 11.

Ohio high school basketball scoreboard

Ohio high school basketball coverage


Playoffs start: March 7 (2A, 3A, 4A)

State championships: March 7 (2A, 3A, 4A)

Oklahoma high school basketball scoreboard

Oklahoma high school basketball coverage


Playoffs started: Girls — Feb. 21 (1A, 3A), Feb. 24 (2A), Feb. 28 (6A), March 3 (4A); boys — Feb. 22 (1A, 3A), Feb. 25 (2A), March 1 (6A), March 3 (5A), March 4 (4A, 5A).

State championships: March 4 (1A, 2A, 3A), March 10 (5A), March 11 (4A, 6A).

Oregon high school basketball scoreboard

Oregon high school basketball coverage

Boys brackets | Girls brackets


Playoffs start: Boys — March 10 (1A, 4A, 5A), March 11 (2A, 3A, 6A); girls — March 10 (2A, 3A, 6A), March 11 (1A, 4A, 5A).

State championships: Girls — March 23 (2A, 3A), March 24 (1A, 6A), March 25 (4A, 5A); boys — March 23 (1A, 4A), March 24 (2A, 5A), March 25 (3A, 6A).

Pennsylvania high school basketball coverage

Pennsylvania high school basketball scoreboard

Rhode Island

Playoffs start: March 1 (girls), March 2 (boys).

State championships: March 12

Rhode Island high school sports coverage

South Carolina

South Carolina High School League

Playoffs started: Boys — Feb. 15 (3A, 4A), Feb. 16 (1A, 2A, 5A); girls — Feb. 15 (1A, 2A, 5A), Feb 16 (3A, 4A).

State championships: March 2 (4A), March 3 (2A, 3A) March 4 (1A, 5A).

South Carolina Independent School Association

Playoffs started: Girls — Feb. 17 (2A, 3A, 4A), Feb. 20 (1A); boys — Feb. 17 (2A, 3A), Feb. 18 (1A, 4A).

State championships: Feb. 24 (3A), Feb. 25 (1A, 2A, 4A).

SCISA playoff basketball brackets

South Carolina high school scoreboard

South Carolina high school sports coverage

South Dakota

Playoffs start: March 16

State championships: March 18

South Dakota high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs start: March 2-3 (Division II), March 7-9 (Division I).

State championships: March 4 (Division II), March 11 (Division I girls), March 18 (Division I boys).

Tennessee high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs started: Feb. 20 (bi-districts), Feb. 23 (area), Feb. 27 (quarterfinals), March 3 (regionals), March 9 (state).

State championships: March 4 (girls), March 11 (boys).

UIL boys bracketsUIL girls brackets

Texas high school sports coverage

Texas high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs started: Boys — Feb. 14 (2A, 3A), Feb. 21 (4A), Feb. 22 (5A, 6A), Feb. 25 (1A); Feb. 15 (2A, 3A), Feb. 21 (1A, 4A, 5A, 6A).

State championships: Feb. 25 (2A, 3A, 4A), March 4 (1A, 5A, 6A).

Utah high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs started: Girls — Feb. 20 (Division II), Feb. 21 (Division I, III, IV); boys — unavailable.

State championships: Girls — March 3 (Division I), March 4 (Division II, III, IV); boys — unavailable.

Boys bracket coming: Feb. 26

Vermont high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs start: March 3-4

State championships: March 9 (Class 1, 4), March 10 (Class 3, 6), March 11 (Class 2, 5).

Virginia high school basketball coverage

Virginia high school basketball scoreboard


Playoffs started: Feb. 24-25 (regional), March 1 (first round).

State championships: March 4

Boys brackets | Girls brackets

Washington high school basketball coverage

Washington high school basketball scoreboard

Washington, D.C.

Playoffs start: Feb. 27

State championships: March 5

D.C. high school sports coverage

West Virginia

Playoffs start: March 7 (girls), March 14 (boys).

State championships: March 11 (girls), March 18 (boys).

West Virginia high school sports coverage


Playoffs start: March 16

State championships: March 18

Wisconsin high school basketball scores


Playoffs start: March 2 (1A, 2A), March 9 (3A, 4A).

State championships: March 4 (1A, 2A), March 11 (3A, 4A).

Wyoming high school basketball scoreboard